Delivery Day!

Today was delivery day!

I was a feeling weird mix of emotions about it yesterday. The prospect of groceries was exciting, but I was also nervous about potentially bringing germs into my home. Remember when grocery shopping was not stressful and like a mini-vacation out of the house?

Those were good times.

I had them delivered into the garage, then went out with gloves and Lysol to wipe my life away. I transferred them all into my own cloth bags and brought them into the house where I removed whatever packaging I could and cleaned the rest.

Grocery shopping is definitely not a vacation anymore. (But I’m also grateful that I was able to GET them and have them delivered. So, you know… small blessings.)

Some shoes I ordered last week also arrived today! DSW is having a 40% sale in their online store, and I ordered some summer sandals for the boys. I also decided to get myself a little something, because I wanted some happy and anyone who knows me well knows that shoes are one of my great loves. I found some cute Sketchers for walks with the kids, and excitedly pulled them out of the box to try them on.

I pulled at the laces to open them up, but they wouldn’t budge. I tugged and tugged, but no go. I wondered if they were just decorative and I had mistakenly bought slip on shoes, but no. They were supposed to be functional… so I took a closer look.

The laces had been sewn in place. On both sides. It looked very pretty, but was highly problematic. I had to attack them with my sewing scissors for a good 10 minutes to get all the little tiny stitches out to try them on.

It felt a little like DSW was trying to give me a two-for-one: new shoes AND a complicated puzzle to do because they know we’re stuck at home and need some excitement in our lives.

And let me tell you, it was exciiiiiting. When I finally got to try my shoes on it felt like I had really worked for it. I EARNED them. Thanks, DSW.

In other news, I’m over this rain.

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