Mish Mash*

Well, I didn’t post yesterday.

I wanted to, but this weekend was just so full of so much goodness that by the end of it I was just too tired to think. When we finally got the kids into bed last night we were both exhausted and ended up on the couch watching Jumangi. It wasn’t nearly as good as the original, but it was still kind of fun.

This weekend was so lovely. M took me downtown to see Phantom of the Opera, and this was BY FAR the best production I’ve seen. I am such a theatre junkie… musicals are my drug. I’m obsessed. My lovely lovely lovely brother came to watch the kids for us so we had a night out that was magical and worry free.

(Aside from the weird torrential rain, flooding and freezing rain warnings… but, you know.)

Yesterday we went and had dinner with my cousin and her family who have just moved nearby. I am SO EXCITED to have family super close to us… they also have three young kids and are just all around wonderful and it was just… good. <3

In other news, work has been suuuuper slow lately. I worked on half day last Monday, and nothing since. As I’m only available to work Mon / Wed / Fri right now my options are already limited. This week my board is on strike on Wednesday and it’s a PA Day for the kids on Friday so… this week is a bust for me too. *sigh* C’est la vie. It’s January and it’s exam season so I think this will be my life until semester two starts.

On the bright side, it leaves me lots of time to write.

I’ve been wading through the responses I’ve received to organize and group them a little. In five days, 60 women have responded. I’m hoping to have my first article written and posted by the end of the week… and I hope I can honor what they have shared with me in some small way.

In other, other news, P has left his bed 8 times already and is STILL AWAKE. It’s 10pm. I love him dearly, but seriously. GO TO BED.

…make that 9 times. Time to put my no-nonsense mom face on.

This mama is CLOSED.

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