Finding My Path*

I was thinking about Julie and Julia again today.

More specifically, I was thinking about how it motivated me to really started writing again last fall… and how I’d like to do that again. I know I can’t always write often when life and work gets in the way, but I have intentionally slowed things down of late and I’m feeling that pull again.

Maybe it’s time to commit to writing every day for a month again… I committed to my curly hair for a month, and if I can do THAT, then I’m basically a superhero and should be able to do anything, right?

Today I took the plunge and posted my first question about miscarriage. I was so freaking nervous to post it and have been full of an anxious energy all day. Does it even make sense? What if no one responds? Am I dwelling too much on this? Does it even NEED to be written about?

As the responses began coming in, it was all the confirmation I needed that this is important. That it NEEDS to be talked about. Already the grief, pain, love and hurt has bled through the words I’m reading. The responses have been so real and raw that I’ve teared up reading them. These words are important. These feelings are important. I don’t even know exactly how I’m going to shape this yet… I just know that I need to write something. I need to say something. And I am so, so grateful for everything that has been shared with me so far. It means more than I can say.

I finally feel like maybe I’m on the path I’m supposed to be on. I’ve been searching for direction for so long and I am beginning to feel like I’m walking down the right road. A year ago, it was the last place I thought I’d ever find myself, but as I’m standing here now it feels like I’m where I’m meant to be. <3

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