Buttertart Battles & Snow Forts*

Quick post tonight. It has been a very full, very fabulous 24 hours and I am desperate to crawl into bed.

I went out with some friends to see a community production of Oklahoma last night and it was really fun! The production was pretty well done, and I was completely blown away by a sixteen year old superstar who dominated the role of Ado Annie. I sang along to almost every song and thoroughly enjoyed the company.

..but it ran so late. I didn’t get in until after midnight, which feels so strange to the new mom-me. I used to stay out that late regularly when I was younger (sorry mom!) but these days 10pm is basically the middle of the night. It was totally worth it, but 6:30am came awfully early this morning. I could have slept for another five hours but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Today was a whirlwind of skating practice, driving, snow mountain building and eating. We took the kids to ringette practice this morning, and M took P on the ice for the first time. P abhorred his helmet and only lasted a few minutes, but I got a few cute pictures and clearly that’s all that matters. After ringette it was another whirlwind of laundry, packing, lunching and getting on the road. The kids and I are enjoying a wee visit with Momo and Gumpo (my mom and dad). It was a beautiful, clear drive until we hit the city limits of where they live then it was like driving into a wall of snow.

The kids were in heaven.

They have been dying to really play in the snow, so shortly after we got here we bundled them all up in their snow suits for a romp in the backyard. Gumpo put on his snowpants and took them all out, and watching them play through the window was so nostalgic for me. It made me so homesick for my old house up north with the big back yard mountains of snow.  They came in with red noses and cherry cheeks and were completely worn out. P never, ever sleeps well when he’s not in his own bed so I’m really hoping he will just sleep through tonight so we can both get a rest. I still need to catch up on the hours I missed last night.

Today was day 6 of (mostly) no sugar. I had one small cheat today, but it felt necessary. My dad and I have this eternal battle about buttertarts–he thinks they are incomplete without raisins, and I think raisins are vile dead grapes that poison everything they touch. In recent years he graduated to the status of Pie Master and Pastry King, and today when I walked in he was pulling a fresh batch of homemade butter tarts out of the oven.


I wasn’t going to eat one. I really wasn’t.

…and then I found that among his batch of beautiful, raisin-poisoned buttertarts was one without vile dead grapes that he made just for me. How could I not?? So, instead of eating 3 or 4 like I normally would, I savored the one then resumed my sugar-free mission… which is no small task with fresh apple pie, butter tarts and banana bread trying to seduce me from the counter.

I’ve basically become The Little Engine That Could, chanting “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” as I try to steer clear of the things I can’t seem to eat in moderation.

Anyway. It’s after 10 and I was ready for bed like 8 hours ago. Fingers crossed that P sleeps tonight!

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