Yogurt Toobebrush*

I had a moment where I was pretty proud of myself today.

After lunch, I collapsed on the couch and tried to close my eyes for a few minutes before it was time to wake P up. We actually made it to church today, but I’m still not feeling great and it just about did me in. As I was laying there, H sauntered in eating a frozen yogurt tube. He gave me a big smile and said,

H: “Mom, when I’m all done I’m going to brush my teeth.”

As he was speaking, I couldn’t help but smile. Over the last year H has come leaps and bounds with his speech and his independence… and here he was, telling me he wanted to brush his teeth without being asked or prompted. I feel like this is often a sticking point for parents and kids–it’s sometimes a battle to get my kids to brush their teeth in the morning. They never want to stop what they are doing to brush their teeth before school. I thought I was seriously winning the teaching hygiene badge for my brownie sash. I responded,

Me: “Oh yeah Buddy? That’s great! It’s good to brush your teeth after…”

H: (Cutting me off) “YEAH. I’m going to brush them right now. With my freezie!!!”

Sure enough, I rolled my head to the side and opened my eyes to see him vigorously brushing his teeth with his frozen yogurt tube. He smiled a huge, proud grin and had yogurt paste all over his teeth and face. I couldn’t help but laugh, even as my dreams of winning the teaching hygiene badge flew out the window.

But really, a yogurt tube is basically the same thing as toothpaste, right?


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