I’m trying to be a bit braver about taking the two boys out on my own.

We’ve done a lot of hibernating these past few months because Will is, …well, Will and is a bit of a delightful handful even at the best of times. Things are starting to get a bit easier (and my mom guilt about depriving Hank of experiences outside of my house reached maximum levels) so I’m venturing out a bit more.

I have a few locations on my “safe for Will” list (meaning they are contained, not super busy, and there are few things on which he can climb / conquer / injure himself). We frequent a few stores, a few friends homes whose decor can survive his antics, and this amazing little play place that I’ve been bringing my children to for years. It’s GLORIOUS. It’s a big contained room with lots of toys for small people, and comfortable couches for the big ones. There was basically nothing they could use to harm themselves, and many an hour was spent hanging out with my mom friends while my children played (read: wore themselves out and ensured a good nap. SCORE).

We haven’t been in about three months, so I decided to surprise the boys and take them out. It was cold and rainy so it seemed like a perfect day to let my boys burn some energy while I relaxed on the couch. I texted a friend about my magical play place and made plans for her to meet us there as she had never been.

We survived the hustle and bustle of Ruby’s morning school routine, and even braved a walk in the wet to get her to school as the kids wanted to play with their umbrellas. I came home, got the boys ready, packed them in the vanimal and headed out. I pulled up to my favourite play place, got the kids out, started walking to the door when I saw the sign had changed. My favourite play place has been take over by new owners, CHANGED, and was sporting new (crappy) hours.

I’m not sure what was sadder: all of us standing outside the shell of my favourite place in the rain, or Hank’s long face when he realized we weren’t going to be able to go inside.

We decided to try and salvage the morning and hit up the library instead. Will was thrilled, as there is much more room for running and escape attempts. He snuck away on me a few times while I was busy with Hank, and did his stocky little football run towards the front doors several times before I caught him. More than once I actually had to full-out run to catch him, much to the delight of the library staff working today. I had one man absolutely roaring with laughter as he saw me sprint after Will for the third time as he was giggling and about to run through the front doors.

It wasn’t the morning I had planned, but at least I was able to provide a little entertainment for the library staff… and I got a workout in sprinting after my son.

Glorious naps were still achieved and I got a wee bit of sanity time, so despite the loss of my favourite lazy-mom play place it ended up being a pretty okay morning after all. :)



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