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Running Goals – Phase Two*

I’ve been trying to sit down and write all week, but the last few days have been a bit of a blur. And when I say blur, I really mean blurry eyes because Hank the Tank is still teething and has been waking up almost every hour at night. He is still such a cuddly sweetheart when he does wake up, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t had more than two consecutive hours of sleep in the last two weeks.

So, when I “wake up” (I use that term loosely because to me it implies that sleep has happened) in the morning, it usually takes me an hour or two to shake off the “if-I-don’t-get-more-sleep-I-may-break-down-and-ugly-cry” feeling, and then my second (or seventh) wind kicks in and I’m okay for the rest of the day.

But the rest of my days have been filled with a revitalized effort to potty-train Ruby, as we are still fighting that war. We’ve had some small successes, but we’re not where I hoped we’d be. Today we inched closer to that dream, so I’m hoping to keep that momentum going. Pray for me. haha

I’m still trying to get out and run when I can, though the last two weeks have been really difficult. After I finally achieved my last running goal, it was like something inside me switched off and my motivation waned. The lack of sleep, incessant rainy weather and mismatched schedules with the Hubster made it really difficult to get out. When I did run, I didn’t have the same drive and my whole body just felt so sluggish.

When the times between my runs stretched 3 – 4 days, it scared me how easy it was to not go. I’m terrified I’m going to get lazy and break this new habit I’ve started, so I recommitted myself this week and set some new goals. I went out running yesterday and again today, and already I can feel the spark back. It makes SUCH a difference to have something that you are working towards–when I feel myself getting tired, they help give me that little push to keep going a little further.

Here are the new goals I laid out earlier this week:

Running Goals – Phase Two*

  • 10 run streak under 35 min {Current streak: 1}
  • 5km in 32.5 minutes
  • 2km avg pace 6:30 {COMPLETE – October 21}
  • 5km avg pace 6:45
  • 1km in 6:10
  • 5km in 30 minutes

I ran my butt off and achieved one of my goals on my run yesterday, and it was a great kick start to phase two. When I first started, it took me roughly 40 minutes to run my 5k route. I’ve since been able to shave about 5 minutes off that time, and my dream goal right now is to be able to run 5km in under 30 minutes. I’m still a ways away, but hopefully these goals will help me inch a little closer. I’m running my third race on Saturday, and I’m hoping these goals will help me push a little harder.

Anyway, both of the kids are asleep and I can’t remember why I’m still awake… so… bed time.

Sweet dreams!

(Fingers crossed that I’ll get to sleep long enough to dream… ha)

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