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This year I got the best Easter present ever.

It certainly wasn’t your traditional solid milk chocolate bunny that I am trying to convince myself I am not missing terribly, nor was it really tangible in any form.

This year my gift was an introduction to my new favourite thing: Howie Do It.

I’m not sure how I ever lived a complete and full life before Howie Mandel and Vic Cohen, but oh, oh, OH my friends, life is so good now. I have not laughed as hard as I did this afternoon in… well, at least a day. haha! (I like to laugh, so sue me… haha)

There are so many AMAZING segments that I have decided I will post them weekly. I haven’t decided which day it’ll be on (or if there will even be a day… I heart all things random) but it needs to be shared. Tonight I introduce you to Vic Cohen and the clip that nearly made me pee my pants this afternoon.

Love. (P.s. When you get to the biker, make sure to watch his buddies’ reactions in the background. High-larious! haha)

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