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Oh Puberty, Where Art thou?

As you know, I am currently teaching a grade 7 class.

I had a really good day today–for the first time since entering their class I finally felt like a real teacher and not some random lady with big hair who has invaded their classroom. They turn to me for help, and they are also beginning to let me get to know them and are sharing their work and interests with me.

It’s pretty cool. It also means that we are becoming “closer” as they accept me as their teacher… but also proximity wise as I often sit with them to assist them in math (…ha) or whatever they are working on.

(You have no idea how difficult it was to write the word “closer” in relation to students without the “DO NOT TOUCH THE CHILDREN!” lectures ringing in my ears… haha)

Anyhoodle. When I taught grade 10 we kept our distance. I was the “uncool” (yet SO cool) teacher, and they were the oh-so-cool students.

Not so in grade 7. Apparently they think I’m pretty nifty. :)

And here is the fun part–most of them have not yet received a visit from the puberty fairy and some have yet to discover the magical world of deodorant. As puberty has not yet hit they are not yet self-conscious and not yet aware of the stink. Or at least are not aware that the stink = stink. haha!! (I am exaggerating a bit… it’s really only bad after gym. eeeek.)

I’m almost tempted to play a game and give out deodorant as prizes… is that crossing any lines? No? I didn’t think so.

OR, I could have an Easter egg hunt, and give them baskets to collect their deodorants. Then the Easter Bunny could give a play-by-play on how to use it. Brilliant, no?

It’s just so bizarre to be back in this world of pre-teen drama where boys still tease and hit girls to show them they like them and a long relationship is one that lasts from Monday to Wednesday.

My first ever “relationship” was in grade 6 and it lasted from Friday night to Monday morning. I remember being pressured by my girl friends to say yes because he was “the guy” you wanted to ask you out. However, I felt soooo guilty about “dating” someone because my mom and dad had asked me to wait until I was 16 to date and I thought I was being SO disobedient by having a boyfriend. So, by Monday morning the guilt was too much and I broke up with him. *sigh*

(I think he was ok… he had a new girlfriend by last recess. haha)

I think it’s all so funny though… I love watching the drama unfold. Do you remember your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

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