Daily Junk*

Better Today*

I love Friday.

Friday is my best friend. (well, second best friend. Hubster comes first.)

Today was SO much better than yesterday… aside from the fact that the minutes craaawled by this morning, it was a good day. I taught my first lesson–I did a 50 minute introduction to drama and played a game called “Machines”. Machines involves a lot of movement where you build machines with your body and by connecting to other people. Even my group of “cool guys” participated and seemed to enjoy it!

Best of all, my AT liked how I handled the class and gave me really positive feedback. I was nervous to deliver the lesson as drama is her passion, but it alllll went well. I’m just glad to have the first lesson out of the way–I’m no longer some random woman in the back of the classroom, I’m now Mrs. Shop Girl. :)

Also, a situation I was frustrated about has been resolved (in my favor) and I set up a meeting to sort out what I need to do to fulfil my graduation requirements. Thank goodness. The Hubster told me I need to speak up for myself and I did. GO TEAM!

Anyhoo, it’s been a lonnnng week, and I am going out tonight! Karog* and I are going out with a whole bunch of other teacher candidates tonight, so we can vent and regroup before the week ahead! I don’t go out very often, so I am VERY excited to let loose!

Have a wonderful evening!!

Shop Girl*

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