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The Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas*

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A while back I used to post “songs of the week”. It was when I was still fairly new to blogging and hadn’t figured out all the tricks yet, so I could only post the song title and hope you might find it and have a listen. After a while I just stopped as I wasn’t sure anyone was even interested.

Well, it’s the end of November and there is some snow on the ground, so guess what I’ve been listening to?? YUP. Christmas music!!!!!!! And today I am going to share one of my most favourite Christmas songs with you that you can actually LISTEN to!

Okay. Here’s a bit of a preface: as you can see by the title of this post this version is a little different from your ordinary Twelve Days of Christmas, a song which I never liked until I found this version. It’s really not what you’re going to expect, and it’s long. So make sure you’ve got 12 minutes to sit whilst you listen. But oh, it’s SO worth it. It makes me tingly when I hear it!!!

Also, I didn’t like the beginning verses when I first started listening to the song as they are much softer and more subdued than the rest. So, if you aren’t into the beginning of the song, fast forward to around 7:45 and listen from there. The last verses are my favourite, but I do appreciate the beginning now that I have heard it several times and it builds and builds and makes the ending GLORIOUS!

Lastly–when you hear the clapping at the end, the song is not over. There is still another 30 seconds or so. Wait for it. :) Ok, are you ready?? I hope you love like I love:

**I should note that sometimes it asks you to log in to “imeem”, the social network the song is hosted on. Try refreshing the page, or make an account and delete it after (that’s what I did, it took 2 seconds.)

Let me know what you think!!!

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