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So, I’m coming to you once again. The last time I posted that I was looking for new music I received some amazing suggestions and fell in love with most of what I heard.

This time I need really pumped up music. I’ve started running (again) in the past few weeks and I love having really up-tempo music to run to. Dance, techno, club, hip hop, etc–you name it, I want it. I don’t have much as I’m not terribly exposed to the genre, so I need your help! If you know any good artists (and specifically song titles) of good, fast music I would really appreciate it if you’d pass on the information!!

If you are unsure of how to comment, you can post it on my Facebook wall HERE, or simply click on the link below this post titled [x] people left a lovely comment and post it there!! Thank you sooo much.. I’m really enjoying running, but I’m getting sick of my running music. haha!!

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