• Remember Me?

    Hi lovelies.

    It’s a grey, rainy afternoon and I finally found myself with my arms free for the first time in weeks. I know I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while, but I do have an explanation.

    Over a month ago I left you with part two of my wee-bean story. I do intend to finish it, but I took a deliberate hiatus from writing it. You see, as I was writing part three, we received news that someone very close to us had lost her full-term baby. Then, just four days later I learned that another friend had miscarried her baby as well… and she too was several months along. Suddenly I felt like it was selfish for me to be telling my story–complaints and all–when I had my little wee one, regardless of how she got here. I would like to finish her birth story, but I just needed to give it some time.

    And I needed to hold her tightly for several days straight.

    …but by doing that I think I squeezed her love for naps right out of her. For the past couple of weeks Ruby and I have been at war. She woke up once day and decided that naps are for little babies, and since she is now a big girl of almost 3 months, she no longer needs them.


    For days and days she would only nap in short 30 minute bursts, never getting the sleep she needed. So, by 6 or 7pm my sweet little baby would turn into a cute little crankpot who was desperately overtired. My “hands-free” time suddenly disappeared, and what time I would have loved to have spent writing was filled with trying to keep my house from looking like a bomb blew up inside it.

    I am slowly getting her back into napping through a steady routine that she seems to be adapting to. As I write she is curled up in our bed fast asleep. Life is good.

    I am hoping to figure in some writing time into our new schedule, and I hope that another huge blog break won’t ever happen again. I have so much to tell you… like the mushroom I found growing out of my baseboard. Exciting!

    Well my lovelies, thanks for sticking with me through the last few months. I hope I’m back for good this time. :)

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