• I Finally Read Harry Potter*

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    Due to baby-induced nausea, I spent much of July trying to be as immobile as possible. So, I decided it was a good time to tackle a project I have long debated undertaking: reading Harry Potter.

    And I did. All seven.

    …in three weeks.

    Everyone I know is a Harry Potter fanatic. Not in a bad sense, but they all seem to be crazy about the books. I have lonnnnnng been encouraged to read them, but they just never appealed to me. When I gave that response in regards to Harry Potter and why I hadn’t read them, the inevitable question follows:

    “So, what do you like to read then?”

    I never really know how to answer that. I love to read everything.

    …except fantasy.

    If I had to pick a favourite genre, it would probably be historical fiction. Yes, that probably makes me a nerd, but so be it.

    I LIKE IT.

    Anyway. Harry Potter. As I read the first three books, I thought that they were “cute”. I wasn’t in love with them, but I was interested enough to keep reading. The fourth book was definitely darker and more well written, but the fifth was terrible. It took everything in me to push through and finish. I liked books six and seven, though I found the ending to be completely predictable and a little boring.

    So, the consensus? I liked them, but I didn’t love them.

    It’s not a series that I’d read again, and it certainly hasn’t made me want to foray any further into the genre. It’s funny, but I almost feel like I’m blaspheming by saying that I didn’t love the books. People are so passionate about the series and the characters, but I just couldn’t get into it.

    I started watching the movies, but they keep straying from the storyline of the book and leaving plot points out and, well, we all know how I feel about that.


    Am I alone here? Did anyone else read Harry Potter and not fall wildly in love?

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