High Expectations*

I am still REALLY overwhelmed by all the Septemberish talk, so we aren’t going to talk about that tonight. There’s a whole lot of NOPE happening there in my heart right now.

So we’re going to talk about something exciting. We’re going to talk about PLANTS. Stay with me here.

I was never a plant person until last year. I was never ever able to keep them alive–it’s actually a miracle my children are thriving given my plant record. I had some plants given to me last year, and I turned over a new leaf, if you will.

(See what I did there? ha.)

Long story short, I went from very disinterested in plants to loving them. They are my green babies and I have them all over my living room now.

I also suddenly found myself curious about plants I find outside.

Particularly the plants growing in my neighbours garden.

I have a confession to make: sometimes I spy on my back neighbours. I mean I don’t actually “spy” on them… except that I kind of do. I live in a subdivision with smaller backyard lots that share a common fence. From my bedroom window, I can see into the backyards of the neighbours behind me, the neighbours next to me, and the neighbours behind them.

I honestly don’t pay them all that much attention unless there’s a lot of noise or yelling happening, then I might take a peek and see what’s happening.

On my word, I’ve become Rachel Lynde.


One beautiful day last summer, I happened to look out my back window and I noticed that my neighbours had some new plants. This was in the early days of my plant awakening, and I didn’t recognize what they were. They were sort of separate from their vegetable garden and were very different from anything I had seen before.

I sat and looked for a minute, then I squinted and looked a little harder. I thought to myself, “that looks like weed!” I started giggling because I’m FIVE and googled marijuana plants to confirm.

YUP. My neighbours were growing pot.

And yes, I needed to Google because I’ve never seen one up close. Because I’ve never tried it!! (Or cigarettes. Or alcohol. I promise I’m not weird!)

(Well, I promise that I’m not REALLY weird.)

Over the summer I noticed how they lovingly cared for the plants, then harvested(?) the leaves and did whatever it is that comes next.

I told you, the new me is seriously plant curious.

It was actually really interesting to see the process as it was very foreign to me… and we had recently watched Justified which is now one of my ALL-TIME favourite shows. SO GOOD.

I don’t think I had really paid any attention to my neighbour’s yard at all this year until a week or so ago. I was looking out the window at something on the street, then my eyes focused a little…

…lemme just say, that garden is THRIVING this year. Pretty sure they have “high expectations” for their crop.

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