She Found a Big Stick*

I love this time of day.

All three kids just fell asleep, M ducked out for a quick run and I’m sitting in a quiet (and clean! WOO!) kitchen with a cup of herbal tea.

Life is good.

Today felt really busy, but at the same time I feel like I got NOTHING done. I woke up on fire and got beds stripped, laundry on and last night’s dishes done by 8:30am. I squeezed in some easy yoga, and I’m happy to report and my hip is back down and back in order. I’m hoping to try a light run tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

I have been so utterly unmotivated to cook anything lately, but this morning I felt ambitious and decided to try making my own hummus, which naturally required homemade pitas to go with it. It felt good to want to be in my kitchen again… it’s been so stinkin’ hot lately I haven’t felt like doing much of anything.

Case in point: last night’s dinner of hard boiled eggs and toast.

We’re still picking away at a long list of house projects. M has been hard at work fixing up our basement stairway–the wall needed to be built out a bit before he can trim it, and he put the capping on the edge of the staircase while I was away on the weekend. It looks so good! We have someone coming in next week to give us a quote on a railing, and then the basement will actually be SO close to being all the way finished.

My mission today was trying to clean the grout in our bathroom. I’ve tried a variety of cleaners in the past, but there are still sections that are so much darker than others.

Did you know you’re supposed to seal your grout at least once a year? (I did not.)

We found a video on youtube that had a different method, and after one go it already looks SO much better. Who knew all I needed was a little vinegar, baking soda, hot water and dish soap?

After dinner we took the kids for a walk to a nearby field so they could run. Miss S found a gigantic stick so she was in absolute heaven. In the 40 minutes we were there it became a flagpole, javelin, high jump pole and limbo stick.

It also became the source of several spats as P wanted in on the action. (S was having NONE of it.)

It was such a beautiful, breezy evening. As I sat on the hill watching the kids play, I just felt so… content.

I knew there were a hundred things still to be done at home, but tonight none of them mattered. I sat and I watched my kids laughing and rolling down the hill in the sunshine, and it was just the reminder I need to slow down sometimes.

This really is such a good life. ❤️️

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