Toddler Talk*

In the last few weeks, P has really started talking up a storm. He’ll be three in July, and it seems like his words are coming in like a freight train.

A ridiculously cute and mispronounced freight train.

He’s picking up new letter sounds all the time, but he still puts his own spin on most of his vocabulary. He replaces a lot of his “S” sounds with “L”s, and he loves to add in a solid “B” sound to start off some of his favourite words.

I thought I’d walk you through what his day looks like now using his words… see how many you can figure out!!

He usually wakes up around 6:30am, and is an absolute bear until he’s had his breakfast. He loves to eat oat oat or lawfuls, but most mornings he asks for a bowl of loup with a poon.

We then change his diapey and get him dressed. He likes to pick out his own lirt, and insists on wearing locks all the time. As soon as he’s fed and dressed, he loves to be silly and chase Hankie and Scarla around the house. He loves his daycare now, and as long as we promise that he can “go bike“, he’s happy put on his do-dos on his beet and go.

We pick him up after work, and he loves to play lide or go base and play Legos with Hankie. (by “play Legos” I of course mean terrorize his brother and break apart most of the things he builds.) This is his favourite time of day to bug for snacks, and he usually yells for a bowl of blippies or a hoagan from the fridge. If we say no, he’ll stomp his feet and call out, “BAD MAMA / DAD“. (And I have to do my best to keep a straight face as he’s very serious. ha)

After dinner (and after he’s worn himself out wunning after Hankie), we often cozy up and lit on the couch, then we’ll turn on the TB and watch a low. Then it’s time for a tubby, then blammies, teeth and bed.

He also insists on wearing his locks to bed. The only time he won’t wear them is when he’s limmin.

He’s still an absolute handful, but he’s really cute and I love how hard he’s trying to communicate. Of course, I’m a good parent and I do absolutely nothing to try and correct him because I love love love his little words and hope he keeps them for as long as he can.

(Were you able to figure most of them out?)

H is five now, and still says “pooffrints” instead of “footprints”. I hope it stays forever. <3

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