I’m Full* (originally on FB)

I’m having issues getting on my blog again, so I’m just going to write here for tonight. I’ve already missed a few days of writing in the last week and I don’t want to fall too far behind. That being said, life has been so overwhelmingly full that something had to give… and sadly that was my writing time.

Life right now just feels so… full. A good kind of full, but also the kind of full that is making my head spin. We have so much going on and so much to do that I feel like I can’t keep it all straight. I usually say that I feel like I’m “fraying around the edges” when I get like this, but right now it’s more like I’m frayed to the core and the strings are flapping in the wind.

There is just so much that I want to do, but I cannot fit it all in. I finally, finally got our newsletters in the mail today, but it meant staying up until midnight last night addressing them. I could have finished earlier if I had stayed home from book club, but it was our Christmas get together and I didn’t want to miss it. There has seriously been something on every. single. night since last week with no end in sight. Saturday was a family party, Sunday was choir, Monday was priming our basement walls and ceiling (more on this soon!!), Tuesday was book club, tonight was ringette, tomorrow is S’s Christmas concert at school AND our Relief Society Christmas get together and Friday I’m heading into the city to go to the ballet!!

I mean, these are all AMAZING things.

… but it’s also a lot. I am excited about all of them. But sometimes I’m also reeeeally excited to have my PJS on by 8pm and watch Netflix in bed.

I just feel so behind in everything. I’m behind in my shopping, my house projects, my writing, my calling at church, rehearsing for choir and my BAKING. I know baking is so not a necessity, but the reality in my family is that I can’t just go buy premade stuff as there will be dairy in it somewhere. If I don’t bake it, then my family doesn’t get to experience gingerbread or shortbread or any of the magic cookies that appear at Christmas time.

I just need more hands. And more hours in the day.

…and more sleep. Always more sleep. H woke up at 4:45am today wanting to go down and play with his Batman toys. When I told him that Batman and Robin were still asleep he cried and I had to go lay down with him until he fell back asleep. I love the snuggles, but not the exhaustion.

I know somehow I will get all the things done. It always works out. But right now It looks like I’m staring up this gigantic mountain of things I need / want to do and it’s blocking my path to really enjoying this season.

Anyway. I feel a little better just venting about it. I just need to survive until Friday and then I can ignore all the things and enjoy my first trip to the ballet to see The Nutcracker! I am BEYOND excited. I have wanted to go for years and this is my Christmas splurge on myself. I’m looking forward to a night with my friends where I can just… be.

Thanks for listening to my rant… I’m sure I’ll feel better in the morning. I really do love this season… just not all the busy-ness that sometimes goes with it.

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