The Elf is Coming*

I want so very badly to just go climb into bed, but I work again tomorrow and there are still lunches to make. *sigh*

I had to get up extra early this morning so that I could help S get ready for photo retakes. I really wanted to keep her no-tooth sass-face smile, but she decided she didn’t like it and demanded a do-over. Of course I had to work today and its -100 out, so I had to try and do something with her hair that would survive her hat and not get super staticky. I would have much preferred to keep her hair down, but I predicted this morning that the photos wouldn’t be until after lunch and I was right. There’s no way nice hair stays nice after multiple hat removals.

So, braids for the win!

I worked this morning, then I made a mad dash to Dollarama on my way home to try and find an Elf on the Shelf stand-in. We’ve gotten away without having one thus far, but S has a little Christmas magazine she’s been flipping through. Last night before bed, she excitedly ran into my room to show me a picture of the Elf in the magazine. Then, after a second of thoughtful reflection, she asked the dreaded question:

S: “Mama, why doesn’t the Elf come to our house?”

I racked my brain for an answer: …because Mama is lazy? …because Mama thinks it’s kind of creepy? …because Pinterest scares Mama?

I ended up shrugging and telling her I didn’t know… and that maybe he’ll come this year now that she knows about him. Her eyes lit up with magic and I knew I was officially on the hunt for an Elf.

I have to be honest: the whole premise kind of weirds me out. An elf comes to your home as a “scout” (spy) each day to encourage good behaviour, then returns to report to Santa each night. I have a bunch of friends that do it, and the ideas they come up with for the Elf’s return each morning are so cute. Pinterest worthy, even.

It’s just the idea of kids behaving just because someone is watching that bothers me a little. It’s cute and fun, but I’d rather have my kids behave and be kind because it’s the right thing to do, not because they want more presents from Santa.


I saw the price of the real Elf of the Shelves, and thought I could probably do better. I stopped in at my favourite store on my way home and hunted through the Christmas aisles and found this! Knock off Elf for the win! Thank you Dollarama. <3

I like $3.50 much better than $25.

So, the Elf is coming. I haven’t decided how I want to play this yet, I have a few ideas forming that I’ll keep you apprised of. I’d like it to be more service and kindness based somehow.

I’m working on it.

Okay. Time for lunches so I can drag myself into bed.

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