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Neon Leaves and Ladies Night*

It’s pretty gross out today.

I know it’s snowing all around the GTA, but here it’s just this thick wet sleety rain that chills you to your core. I ended up walking to school this morning as I had my neigbour’s two kids here as well, and sadly my beloved vanimal is big, but not that big. So we all bundled up in this bizarre blend of rain + winter gear to try and combat both the cold and the wet, then we set out to get drenched. When P and I got home, I declared it an inside day, and we’re been holed up inside ever since.

He’s now cozy in his bed, and I thought I’d steal a few quiet minutes to write as it feels more fun than vacuuming.

For the first time today it really feels like winter is coming. I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table gazing out my patio doors, and the sky is this really strange grey colour. It’s dark but not dark, and it just looks… heavy. It’s just an amazing contrast to the tree in my backyard, which is currently still holding on to these brilliant neon yellow leaves. I’ve never seen leaves change to such a vibrant yellow before, it really looks like someone ran a highlighter across the whole tree. The grey sky backdrop makes them seem even brighter somehow.

I’m going out for a ladies night with some new friends tonight. I’m excited but also a little nervous. I’m always so afraid to let new people get to know me–I swear sometimes going out with new friends for the first time almost feels like a first date. I usually feel so awkward in social situations and prefer to be the quiet observer, but I’m going to try and come out of my shell and be fun and fancy free tonight.

We’ll see how it goes. :)

Time to wake up Prince P so he’ll actually go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight… also to get my snuggle time in. Post nap snuggles are my favourite.

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