I’m on my phone and this is weird.

My wifi has somehow blocked WordPress and won’t let me access it. I can get it on my phone, but not my computer which is mildly frustrating. So, here I am, attempting to get a post out to you with two fingers on my phone instead of my lovely, lovely laptop. I need my tech savvy handsome husband to figure it out for me… but he’s upstairs reading and I don’t want to drag him away.

So I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I feel like this whole day just got away from me. It was a really good day, just totally non stop. I kept the kids home from school to do something fun, but also because it just really seemed like they needed it. We’ve had a couple of busy days + activities in the evenings and I could see that S & H were dragging. It was nice to let them “sleep in” a little today and not have to rush out to school.

(By “sleep in” I of course mean that H slept until *almost* 7am. It was magical.)

I’m going to tell you about our morning adventure tomorrow when I can actually type, and it’s worth it’s own post anyway.

I spent the afternoon going through every photo we’ve taken in the last year and getting an order ready to send in. I am the worst at updating pictures once they are up on the walls in frames, but I’ll try and do it every year or so. Right now it looks like we love S & H more than P, but I’m just bad and haven’t added new photos in. I haaaate doing it, but love when it’s done.

Tonight was a whirlwind of making dinner, bathing the kids, practicing reading with S and tidying the house. M was out at an appointment, so I was on a solo mission until he got home at 7:40.

…at which point I had to rush out the door to a meeting for the women’s organization I help with at church. I didn’t get home until after 10, which brings me to now. Slightly fried but happy after a busy but mostly successful day. Right now I’m trying to muster up the energy to get off the couch and go take my makeup off. I know I can do it, but my body just wants to fold over and sleep where I sit.

*Sigh* Life is hard, friends.

Hopefully my blog will be fixed tomorrow. Writing on my phone feels weird.

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