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Tonight’s post comes to you here, on my phone, as I forgot to pack my laptop. I’m currently curled up in bed at my Mom and Dad’s, and in the rush to get everything in the van when I left, my computer didn’t make the cut. S, H and I are on an adventure while M and P are home having a boys night.

Today was a double party day for the big kids and I. I spent the morning trying to get organized and pack bags while simultaneously washing and folding as many loads of laundry as I could so I won’t have a mountain waiting for me when I get home tomorrow. Of course I always think I have more time than I actually do, so I didn’t start getting the kids ready until just before we were supposed to be at party #1. It then became an absolute whirlwind trying to rush out the door, which is never how I like to start a trip. But we survived, even if my computer is sitting sad and lonely on our end table at home.

S & H were invited to their first Hallowe’en party today. A friend of mine hosted it at her home and the kids had a ball. She went all out with decorations and food, and the kids had an amazing time just playing together in their costumes. They all went off and did their own thing, which left the grownups time to sit around the dining room table and visit, which was so unbelievably nice. The more I get to know this group of women the more I love them. We managed to cover everything from birth stories to our old Hallowe’en costumes of the 90s and it was everything I needed after a long week.

After the party I packed S and H up in the Vanimal and we drove to visit my family. We had a wee party to celebrate my biggest brother who is turning a number that rhymes with shorty. They put together this amazing Mexican spread with chicken tacos, guacamole, bean dip and a bunch of other things my tired brain is not remembering. After the food we all just sat around and visited, with no one in a rush to leave. If I haven’t already mentioned it, I have the best siblings. As I sat there tonight giving my youngest brother 90s band recommendations and listening to music, I couldn’t help but look around at us all and think about how lucky I am. Not only do I love these people, but I really like being with them too.

We stayed late, then came back to my Mom and Dad’s to put the kids to bed. We had a quick video chat with M to say good night, then my two toads fell sleep so quickly. I am missing my little P something fierce, but I know I’ll get a snuggle when I’m home tomorrow.

I meant to go to bed early, but then I sat up visiting with my mom, sister and brother in law and now here I am, trying to cobble something together just before midnight. I’m so tired, but today I’m glad for this challenge as it’s making me write this, and today was one of those wonderful days I’ll want to remember.

Okay, time for bed. My thumbs are tired from typing on my phone– how do people do this? I miss my laptop!

And M and P, more than just a little. ♥️

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