Complaining about something*

It’s Coming.

I can feel it. It’s coming.

The first wave of illness of the 2018/2019 school year is upon us.

H started complaining that he wasn’t feeling well on Friday night. He was coughing a little, but we hoped it was just a wee bug and that he’d sleep it off with a good night’s sleep. By Sunday he was running a low grade fever and had developed a lovely little chest cough. Thankfully he sounds worse than he feels, and it’s been a battle to explain that while they sound similar, “wrestling” is not the same as “resting”. He isn’t terribly hungry, but he is still insisting that he’s not H but is Bruce Wayne instead so I feel that’s a good sign. I kept him home today as a precaution, as I don’t want to spread this lovely lovely cough around the school, even though that’s probably where he picked it up.

Kindergarten is a cesspool.

A wonderful, caring, learning environment, but also: a cesspool of germs and disease. The upside to that is that kids come up knowing their letters and numbers, and also have an immune system of steel.

P woke up with a faucet nose but has otherwise been his usual mischievous self. He’s thrilled to have his brother home today. I walked into the living room this morning to catch him jumping off the couch onto the cushions (which he had thrown onto the floor), laughing hysterically and trying to enlist H in the “fun”.

S seems unaffected so far, but my left nostril is blocked and and I’ve already been through half a box of kleenex this morning since it started. I have this pulsing thing happening on the left side of my nose, kind of like there’s a really loud night club with too much bass happening on that side of my face.

It’s awesome.

I was hemming and hawing all morning about what to do tomorrow. H seems okay, but he doesn’t sound great. I had already been booked for a full day teaching history at the school I had my first LTO at many moons ago. I debated whether or not to call in and cancel the assignment so I could keep him home, then decided to reach out to my friend that watches the kids when I work to see if she’s be up for watching a semi-sick kid. She was actually totally okay with it, so I decided to keep the job and just move forward with my plans to work.

An hour later I received an email telling me that the job for tomorrow had been cancelled.

Fate? (well played, universe.)

So, as it turns out the boys and I can keep our runny noses at home for the next few days. I’m not booked again until Thursday, so that gives us a few days to buy shares in kleenex as we go through all the boxes.


At least we made it to week three–that’s a win, right?

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