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It’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote, and as you can see, a few things have changed since then. If you follow me on Instagram and saw the Story I posted last week then you might know most of what happened, but I know I was a bit vague on Facebook and I  basically just took down my old blog without warning. Without getting into too much detail, I had some security concerns with my old blog and decided it was time for a change. I wanted so desperately to write everything I was feeling, but for the first time I didn’t feel like I could… and I hated the way that felt. It didn’t feel like a safe place anymore, and I realized just how much I’ve come to depend on my writing when I need to work something out.

So, after a bit of soul searching, I decided it was time to “retire” the old and bring in the new. M (my husband) helped me investigate some options, and figured that we could transfer everything over to a new home… I just had to decide what that home would be.

Confession: I hate coming up with names for things. I leave the names for every post title until the very end as I can never decide (the title for this post is currently sitting empty. ha) and finding a new online “identity” again felt overwhelming.

…but also a little exciting.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over the name of my old blog for years. I named it when I was a 22 year old university student who was living a very different life. I loved shoes, worked in a shop and spent most of my days dreaming about the future. I still loved the name, but as a 32 year old mother of three, I wasn’t sure if it was really me anymore. So, thus began the search. It took me almost a week to even come up with some options I liked, and several more days (and conversations with friends) to make a decision. I know that probably sounds so silly (hellllo first world problem) but I really wanted to find something that spoke about who I am. A new home.

There were two options that I really struggled between… and I almost chose the other. It wasn’t until I actually started building this new blog that I realized that this–It’s a Good Life–felt more like me. I almost could hear my Dad’s voice saying “Life is good” in my ear, and I just knew it was right.

So, here I am. I was able to bring all my content with me, but had to leave my old, well-loved identity behind. I still want to remain as anonymous as possible so that I can’t be googled easily, and will simply be known as H* from now on.

Thank you to everyone who tolerated my ramblings over the last two weeks while I figured this out, and I hope you’ll stick with me here at It’s a Good Life. For the same reasons alluded to above, I had to permanently shut down my Facebook blog page as there was no way to privatize it. The settings for Facebook pages are different than profiles, and when I found out that a ghost from my past had been accessing it, there was no way to prevent that from happening while it was up.

However, I did learn that Facebook GROUPS can be privatized! So instead of a page, I’ve created a new group to share all my updates, photos, recipes and ramblings and I hope you’ll join me. You can join by clicking the link below:

It’s a Good Life (Facebook Group)

I’m excited to be able to write again. I have so many plans in the works, and am really excited to share my journey with you. I’ve finally decided to try and chase one of my dreams and start writing for real–I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I’ve started planning a novel I’ve wanted to write for years. Let’s see if I can get my act together and make it happen. :)

Thanks again for all your love and support over the years–writing has always brought me joy, but interacting with you through it is just absolutely next level. You are wonderful. <3

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