Complaining about something*

Dear Mother Nature*

Dear Mother Nature,

I get it. You’re upset. We’ve been complaining for too long and you’ve had enough.

Two years ago when you gave us that unbelievably sunny and hot summer, we complained that it was too hot. And too humid. And when our poor grass turned brown and crispy, we even complained that it was too sunny.

(In my defense, I was approximately 700 months pregnant at the time and there was no temperature that existed that wasn’t too hot.)

So, last summer you cooled it down a little for us. Less heat, less humidity but also less sun, so we complained… again. Like, just give us what we want already! (*bows head in shame*)

I get that you were frustrated by fall, so you decided to cool us off with a good ol’ fashioned winter. One we hadn’t seen in a lonnnng time. One with lots of snow, lots of cold, and lots of, you know, winter-y weather.

It was sort of fun and Christmas-y in December, so I don’t think we complained too much then. But then you continued bringing down winter weather in the other winter months where we are supposed to have winter weather but don’t often do because you are glorious and WE COMPLAINED AGAIN.

There was too much snow in January. February was too cold. March was all over the place and I knew you were losing it.

So, I can’t say I’m terribly surprised that you had a full blown meltdown in April. Based on our recent attitude towards you, I’m not surprised that you threw down and leveled us with an all-out ice storm.

But Mama Nature, I gotta level with you now.


I get that you are trying to make a point. I do. I promise not to complain anymore about the weather (well, at least for the next few days while I recover from the ice storm) and I will reign down judgement on those I hear complaining!

But please, please please MAKE IT STOP.

I have been stuck in my house with my three stir crazy children for three days. THREE DAYS. Three days of snuggles, movies, playing, fighting, crying, bored children and serious lack of personal space because my children are EVERYWHERE. (I love them. I do. I just also love time to miss them a little.)

I need to go outside. I neeeeed to make them go outside and not look like a terrible parent for making my children play on ice. (Fresh air is good for development or something, right? Also, SANITY.)

Please love me again. Please send me something else. I promise I will stop complaining if you will just make this icy rainy slushy madness stop.

I can be better. Let’s be better, together.



(And I think, by this point, the rest of Southern Ontario.)

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