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Full Moon Rising*

I’m in a bit of denial that my little girl is turning six in three weeks.

After we got the kids to bed last night, the Hubster and I collapsed on our bed and talked about our days. We got chatting about each of our children, and chuckled about something our Weebean said at dinner. It reminded us of an “incident” that happened at school last year that still has us rolling.

As you know, the Weebean started in J/K last fall. Her teacher last year was a young guy, Mr. Dubs, who had been working LTOs for about as long as I have. After her initial transition that was a little difficult for her, she loved her class and made some wonderful friends there.

Now then. If you’ve ever met my daughter you know she has a vibrant personality and loves to laugh. She loves to be silly and really has a hilarious sense of humour.

Last year I did most of the morning drop-offs, and the Hubster would often pick her up after school. One day when he arrived at the classroom door, the teacher motioned that he would like to speak with him. Immediately the Hubs could tell that Mr. Dubs was acting a bit awkward and uncomfortable about something. He began to tell the Hubs that there had been an “incident” at school that day that he felt was worth mentioning.

He was reluctant to go into much detail, but basically the Hubster learned that there had been an “incident” involving “pants” and “the… ugh… bum, area”. He was SO uncomfortable talking about it and just mentioned that he had had to have a conversation with Scarlett and the class about appropriate behaviours in the bathroom… specifically that they used it one at a time and the door needed to remain closed while someone was in it.

It was such a bizarre conversation that the Hubster pulled the weebean aside to see if he could get some more details. She sort of shrugged her shoulders and said, “I showed _______ my bum and got in trouble.”

Still confused, the Hubster asked her to show him what she had done.

My beautiful girl had opened the door and MOONED her friend from the bathroom. In her demonstration, she even wiggled her bum around back and forth.

I nearly DIED. I have not laughed so hard in a long time… I tried to imagine her poor teacher catching one of his students mooning another one (complete with a bum wiggle) and trying to handle it in a sensitive manner. We had a serious sit down and talked about staying covered and not showing our private areas at school… and keeping my face straight was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

Thankfully there have been no full moons since. ;)

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