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A little over two weeks ago I unplugged myself from Facebook. I deactivated my personal account and walked away cold turkey.

A few of people have asked me why I chose to get rid of it, and I feel like the old break-up cliche best fits: It’s not you, it’s me. I learn a little bit more about myself with each passing year, and I think I have a bit of an addictive personality and I have trouble doing anything in moderation. As much as I love seeing everyone’s photos and updates, I felt like I was wasting my life away trolling through the newsfeed. I felt like my phone was permanently glued to my hand and I was constantly checking it. I’ve tried deleting the app, but I knew Facebook was still there in the background, waiting for me to log in and waste another 30 minutes that I could be using to do something more productive.

And in the spirit of complete honesty, there have been moments where the things I see on Facebook have made me doubt myself as a mother, teacher, friend, wife, etc. More than once I caught myself comparing my life to things I saw splashed on Facebook. Every so often I found myself questioning things like why my home didn’t look as beautiful (or as clean) as others… or why I couldn’t seem to come up with crazy fun activities for my kids all day every day…  or why I never felt or looked as put together as some of my friends, etc. I know it’s completely irrational and that Facebook is tricky because we only see one side of a story, but in the past I have struggled with my self-confidence and as much as I tried to stop, I kept comparing my life to everyone around me… and I didn’t always feel that I measured up. So, I walked away. I took a “time out”, if you will.

(We have lots of those in my house nowadays. *sigh* How long does the threenager phase last?!)

And honestly? It has been so, so great.

I’m not going to lie, it felt a little weird at first. I was so used to checking it every 10 minutes that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I found myself picking up my phone as per usual, then I’d quickly browse through Instagram and Twitter, and then… nothing. My phone suddenly became rather boring… so I’ve found that I’m picking it up less.

And I love that.

Also, I feel like it’s a little bit more exciting talking to people because (aside from a few glimpses from a few friends on Instagram) I’m limited in the information I have about what’s going on in their lives.  My conversations feel more meaningful, and instead of feeling like I’m out of the loop (which I’m sure I probably am), I feel like I’m connecting with my friends and family in a real way. I’m texting more often, writing actual emails (what?!), and I’m using my phone. To call people. (*gasp*) Who knew that phones still had that capability?!

Get ready, you’re probably on my list and will get a phone attack from me in the future. haha

In short, it’s been great. Aside from connecting today to post this as a quick explanation for why I chose to drop off the face of the earth, Facebook and I have broken up.

And I feel really good about it.

No regrets.

A few days ago someone asked me, “…but how will you keep in touch with everyone?!” Facebook was definitely the most convenient method, but there’s always email, carrier pigeons or tin can phones, and of course, I’ll always be here. I’ve felt such a pull to start writing again, and now that the kids are a little older and a little more independent I’m hoping to get in a bit of a routine again.

I may not stay away forever, but I’m going to keep running with this, at least for now. I’m loving being a little more unplugged. :)

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