Baby Boy

Overdue: 40+2*


Well, we are officially overdue!

Our little peanut’s due date came and went on Monday, and while I felt lots of pressure the last few nights (and more cramping this morning), he still seems pretty cozy in my belly.

Earlier this week I vented about all my fears heading into this labor, and I already feel better having just gotten them out and “down on paper”, so to speak. I had so many people reach out to me to tell me about their experiences or just to offer words of encouragement, and I am SO appreciative of all you said. I’m still trying to respond to all the messages and texts I received, so if I haven’t gotten back to you yet–it’s coming. :)

I think my mind and heart have just reached a place where I know that this is happening so matter what. It’s not going to be pleasant, but at the end of the day I’ll have my (not-so) little boy in my arms.

And if he is even a little like his sister, then all that hard work will be more than worth it.

I’ve also been thinking about all the things I’m looking forward to when I’m no longer pregnant. It’s been no secret that this pregnancy has been a lot harder for me than my first. I still enjoyed the experience and am so grateful that we have been able to grow our family without issues, but there is a thing or two I’m looking forward to once I have this baby.

1) I cannot wait to be able to lay down to sleep. Or just lay down at all. My heartburn has been brutal through the second half of my pregnancy, and most nights I now sleep sitting up against my headboard, propped up on several pillows. Anytime I lay down my heartburn ravages my body, so I’ve basically given up. I cannot wait to sleep normally again. (However little sleep that may be. ha)

2) Speaking of heartburn, I cannot wait to be rid of it. After I gave birth to Ruby, it was gone almost immediately, and I’m really really really hoping it will be the same. I’m even more sensitive to foods this time than I was before, and I am so looking forward to eating all the foods I’ve had to eliminate or reduce. Next week will be a fiesta of citrus, chocolate, garlic and just eating in general. At this point even plain bread can make my heartburn flare up. It’s all kinds of awesome.

3) My wardrobe. My outfits right now are pretty fantastic as I am down to two pairs of pants that fit comfortably (both jogging pants) and handful of shirts. By handful I mean maybe… four. And I think they are all black. I’ve basically just given up on checking whether or not my shirts reach the top of my pants because the answer is probably a resounding no. I miss my clothes. Come back to me, lovers.

4) My shoes. Right now I can pretty much only cram my thunder feet into my running shoes, if I open all the laces up as wide as they go. It hurts my heart to have to wear the same pair of shoes every. single. day. Last night I reorganized my shoe closet so that all my babies are ready to go once I have normal feet again. SO EXCITED.

5) I cannot wait to stay dry while I wash dishes. As hard as I try, I always walk away from the sink with a big wet line across my belly where I have inevitably touched the counter. It’s pretty hot.

6) Ah, mobility. I can’t wait to be able to be able to pick something up off the floor and not have it feel like an Olympic event. Or be able to get off of my couch or put on my socks unassisted. Or roll over in bed without having to gain some serious momentum before the flop. Seriously. Sometimes I just don’t even bother even trying to roll as it seems like too much effort. haha

7) I can’t wait to be able to comfortably paint my toes or shave my legs again. The next time you are in the shower quickly shaving your legs, imagine doing it with a medicine ball attached to your belly. It’s glorious.

8) I can’t wait to be able to wear my wedding rings again. I haven’t gained a ton of weight, but I haven’t been able to wear them since the end of September as my hands were the first thing to swell.

9) Contact lenses. When I had my first “episode” with my vision a couple of weeks ago, my contacts had to be the first thing to go. As they were concerned about pressure building up in my eyes, it was glasses-only for me. Thankfully the episodes already seem to be subsiding–I haven’t had one in almost five days. I’m hoping to be able to go straight back to my contacts once this baby is born!

10) I can’t wait to drive normally. You would probably all laugh at me if you saw me trying to get in and out of my vehicle, and then once I’m in I have the seat reclined so far back to accommodate my belly that I’m basically lying down. It’s pretty gansta.

11) I like my bathrooms, but I am excited to need them a little less. I have to pee pretty much all the time. If I can get through a three hour stretch at night without having to pee, it’s a huge win.

12) Lastly, at the end of all of this, I will have a son. I’m already pretty sure that I have the most amazing daughter in the world, and despite all my fears and all these minor blips that made being pregnant a little uncomfortable, we’ll soon hold our son in our arms too.

I like the sound of that. :)

To all the other mamas out there (or friends of mamas), what things were you most looking forward to at the end of your pregnancy?

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