The Interview (Again)*

So, I had my interview today.

(Do you realize that this is already my fourth interview this year? Holy toot.)

After a busy day yesterday, I crawled into bed with my interview notes at 8pm to prepare until I crashed.

(This post also may or may not be coming to you from my lovely bed.)

I’m finally finding that interviewing is not as daunting as it once was. It’s worlds easier now that I have real experiences to draw on, and am not just explaining how I would handle scenarios should I encounter them.

After a busy morning with Ruby, I had a wonderful friend come over to watch her so I could make the long commute to the school for my interview.

Four minute drive. Seriously. *swoon*

I was ridiculously early, so I sat in my car for a few minutes before I braved the torrential downpour and headed in.

I was able to pop in and visit with a friend who teaches at the school for a few minutes, then I made my way down to the office to check in and say hello to the office staff.

love the office staff at this school. They are SO nice and they all adore Ruby. I wasn’t in the room for more than two minutes before they all demanded to see updated photos of her and marvelled at her glorious red hair.

(It’s pretty flipping cute.)

I was handed a copy of the interview questions, and given a seat to look them over while I waited to go in.

I was interviewed by the principal and two VPs, and everyone was very nice. There were seven questions that covered the Growing Success document, equity, a lesson that went well, and professional development, among other things. There were several questions that I hadn’t encountered before, but I felt that I answered them well and everyone responded well to what I had to say.

I left feeling like I had done my best, and the principal even gave me a little wink when he shook my hand.

So, I feel good. I didn’t come home and rethink all my answers–I learned my lesson after my interview at MDS last winter. Overthinking things does not a happy Shop Girl make, so I did my best and then I put it out of my mind.

They told me they would let me know one way or the other by Wednesday, so now we wait.

Thank you so much for all the messages of encouragement and good thoughts that were sent my way–I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing support system.

You guys are amazing. :)

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