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A Heartbeat and an Interview*

This has been a very exciting week.

On Tuesday, the Hubster and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and actually got out on a date! It was lovely.

I also was finally able to see my midwife (Olivia) this week. After bumped appointments and a long wait, Ruby and finally made it into her office. After catching up on Ruby’s progress in the last 18 months, we quickly reviewed my medical history and pregnancy thus far.

Then it was finally time to hear the heartbeat. I always feel like I’m holding my breath until I hear that steady thump, thump, thump. Thankfully, this peanut was much more cooperative than the wee-bean initially was. Olivia looked around for a moment, and then there it was: a strong, steady 160 bpm.

It is seriously one of the best sounds in the whole world. For thirteen weeks you know you’re pregnant, but aside from feeling crummy and looking a little plump, you don’t really look pregnant and there’s no real affirmation. You can’t feel the baby move yet, and typically your first ultrasound (if you choose to have it) isn’t until 12 – 13 weeks.

It’s so easy to start having doubts that something may be wrong… until you hear that reassuring thump, thump, thump. My heart just filled a million times over as I closed my eyes to listen.

Until the noise scared Ruby and she climbed up to hold my hand. <3

So, I’m feeling better. Olivia also told me that I could start feeling the baby move anytime, which is very exciting. Just six more weeks until we find out if this peanut is a boy or a girl!!

And then yesterday happened.

The Hubster and I have been talking all summer about my work situation. This past spring, the province changed the way teachers are hired which, quite bluntly, has screwed me.

(There is a whoooooole post coming on this. Don’t worry.)

In short, there were two positions open for the fall at the school I was at last spring, and these new procedures meant that I wasn’t even eligible to be interviewed.

Even though I was already working there. Figure that one out.


I’ve been applying for jobs all summer to no avail. The new system is seniority based, and my number just hadn’t come up. The Hubster and I had basically accepted the fact that I would be substitute teaching again this fall, and that I would get to be home most days with Ruby.

Yesterday my phone rang. It was a secretary from a school I applied to earlier this week– a school that I love. The school that I volunteered at for eight months before getting on the supply list. The school that is down the street and around the corner from my house.

She was calling to invite me to come in for an interview on Monday!! She knows me very well, and was so excited to tell me. I thanked her a million times over, hung up, did a happy dance with Ruby, then called the Hubster.

This job would be perfect. It’s an LTO (long-term assignment) that ends in January. I would teach English full-time for the first semester, then I could have 3 or 4 weeks at home with Ruby before the new baby comes.

I want it so badly.

Here’s the thing: I have interviewed at this school before, and I consider it my worst teaching interview to date. However, that was almost three years ago with a different principal. So I’m really hoping things go a little more smoothly this time.

So, that’s all my big news. Please keep your fingers crossed for me–I’ve learned not to expect anything or hold my breath about a job I want, but I plan to prep all weekend and knock their socks off come Monday.

Wish me luck!!

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