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Sometimes I do things without thinking them all the way through.

This year, we decided to try and actually do something for New Year’s Eve. I’m pretty sure that we didn’t even make it to midnight the two previous years, so in an effort to be a little more exciting, we invited some friends over.

We thought we’d order in some Chinese food, play some board games, watch a movie and try and stay up to watch the ball drop at midnight. We jokingly called it our “Old Married People Party”.

Now then. I am a planner. We spent NYE with my parents two years ago, and Big Dad ordered in Chinese for us that night. He said his restaurant was so busy that he had to call in and place the order a day ahead of time just to make sure it would be available when we wanted it. So, I thought I’d follow his lead and order our dinner several hours ahead of when we’d need it.

We decided to order from a great little restaurant that we’ve used in the past, and I had a menu on hand so it was easy to pick out what we wanted. After making my choices, I sent a message to our friends asking if there was anything extra that they wanted me to order. They had never been to this particular restaurant, so they asked me if there was a website they could look at to see what was available. I  looked at the menu and saw one listed there, so I thought I’d check it out before passing the info along.

The restaurant was called “Asian Delight”. I quickly glanced at the website listed on the menu, and it looked like it was just the restaurant name with .com at the end. So, I punched it in so I could see if the menu was online.

…the website that came up was not for Chinese food.

I’m a pretty conservative person… so when this website same up, I gasped out loud and fumbled to try and close the browser, all while wanting to wash my eyes out with soap. The Hubster heard me gasp and asked me what was wrong, and when I explained what I had done, he just about fell over laughing.

We took a closer look at the menu and realized that the restaurant had removed two of the vowels from their name for the website, as Asian Delight was clearly already taken.

But let me assure you–the website is not my definition of delightful. Ha.

Now that I think about it, “Asian Delight” does sound a little more like… something else.

Note to self: read web addresses carefully before trying to open them. Or just stick to paper menus.

The end.

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