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Wasp Traps & Soap Scum*


Time is moving so quickly that I swear I’m losing a day or two here and there. Apparently it’s September already, but I’m not sure I believe it. It’s still a bajillion degrees outside during the day, and being on maternity leave is like being in a little bubble where time ceases to exist.

Anyway. Isn’t that a pretty title for a blog post?

I’ve been in a do-it-yourself / crafty mood lately, and google has become my good friend. I’ve been trying to find solutions to problems around my house, and so far I’ve had some huge successes!

Example #1: Wasps*

I think we have a wasp nest somewhere on our property, or there is at least one nearby at our neighbours. They love to fly around my deck, and it made sitting outside uncomfortable. We had the same issue in our front garden last year, and I went to Home Depot and bought and overpriced wasp trap. I didn’t find it worked terribly well, and it broke before the end of the summer.


This year I decided to get crafty. I googled “Homemade wasp trap”, and a link came up with instructions on how to build your own. The wee-bean was napping and I had a few minutes to myself, so I decided to try it out. Tip Nut suggests a couple of methods, and I tried both the jar and inverted bottle top traps. I put them in spots where I have seen wasps, and left them for a few hours.

I really didn’t expect a lot–I’ve tried these DIY experiments before and don’t often find ones that work. So, I was shocked when I saw how many wasps I trapped in just a few hours! It’s not a permanent solution, but it has made a big difference for us. I found the bottle version was much more effective than the jar, and it continues to work. WIN.

Example #2: Soap Scum*

I hate soap scum. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a faint ring around my tub that I just couldn’t get off, no matter how hard I tried. I have a whole arsenal of cleaning products, and I haven’t been happy with the results from any of them.

So, I googled.

I came across a website that suggested using vinegar to remove the scum. I knew vinegar worked as a cleaner in some instances (I used to use a diluted vinegar solution to clean the ivory keys of my old piano) but I had never thought about it as a bathroom cleaner. I had an empty spray bottle, so I poured in some vinegar and off I went. I sprayed directly onto the areas that bothered me, then left the vinegar to work it’s magic. It didn’t smell pretty, but when I went back 5 minutes later, the scum simply wiped away. No scrubbing, no elbow grease. Just a quick wipe & rinse and my tub was white and sparkly. WIN.

I’ve been SO happy with these easy, simple solutions that didn’t cost me a penny!

So. Do you have any other little tricks to solve issues around your home? I’m on a roll here and am loving the results I’ve had so far!

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