Oh, Stuff*

Okay. Let’s get down to business.

First of all: I did it. I cut my hair.

Last Saturday morning I went in to see my favourite stylist and let her chop off about 4 inches of my skinny hair. It’s now sitting just below my shoulders and is full of layers! I also decided to go with full on bangs at the front, and so far, I love it. It’s still long enough that I can put it up if I need to, and it’s less… blah than before. Win.

(I know I should probably post a picture. Let me actually do it first. ha)

We also spent the weekend up in Muskoka with my dad’s family for our annual family reunion. It was marvelous.


Except for that part where Ruby got sick at the reunion and cried / screamed so hard that I was ready to take her to emerg.. then finally fell asleep.Turns out it was a  case of overtired / overstimulated baby with awful gas that I think is associated with us introducing her to formula. It was so sad. My heart aches when I know she’s in pain and there is so little that I can do to help her. She and I sat under a tree in the shade while she slept, and she woke up her regular happy self.

After that, the rest was marvelous. :)

And then this week happened. I’m not sure how, but it’s already Thursday night. The past few days have been a blur of teething, growth spurts, amazing naps and not sleeping at night, and somewhere in there I threw in my first every visit to a chiropractor.

The Hubster found me a groupon for what we thought was two one-hour massages. *swoon* However, when I called to make the appointment I learned that the coupon was actually for some chiro care package that began with an assessment to determine whether or not I needed the massage.
Oh honey. Let’s just skip the fine print and get mamma her massage, okay? Okay.
So, I went today and was actually quite pleasantly surprised. It’s a tiny little practice but the doctor was so nice and I learned a lot. I’ve dealt with lower back pain for a few years, and it was interesting to talk about what I’m doing that could be causing it. I have a follow up next week and I’m excited to go and see what the doctor thinks. Just by looking at me he could immediately tell which side I wear my purse and carry the baby.
Bad sign? Eeek.

Anyway, I feel like I have eight hundred billion things that I want to tell you, but absolutely none of them go together so you’ll just have to wait.

The wee-bean finally went to bed at her regular time tonight so hopefully my evenings will be mine to write again. Send these happy thoughts my way please. :)
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