Le Bebe*

Six Weeks*

Who knew a world could change so completely in six short weeks.

Granted, some of those short weeks had some incredibly long days, but when I look at my little Ruby I can’t believe she’s already been a part of our family for that long.

Shortly after she was born, everyone told me that things seem to take a corner by 6 weeks, and that things would get a little easier. They were right. Not that Ruby has been a difficult baby–it couldn’t be more opposite–but she does need my attention much of the time, and I happily give it to her.

(She’s simply too cute. I can’t say no.)

However, that being said, I am enjoying the little routine we are slipping into. Ruby now only wakes up once (maybe twice) a night to eat, then usually falls back asleep immediately after. She loves to nap in the morning and will usually sleep in her bassinet for an hour or two after we snuggle in my rocking chair.

The rest of our days are spent going for walks, watching hockey with dad, and she’s beginning to spend more and more time awake and alert… and she is now beginning to smile.

Be still my heart.

There is nothing cuter than when she smiles at you. I melt. She smiled at me once and I cried.

Yup. I’ve become that person.

Life is pretty good these days. We just had a wonderful visit with the Hubster’s parents who flew in to meet her for the first time. It was a busy few days, but it was so good to see them and Ruby definitely enjoyed spending time with her Grandma. We held her baby blessing on Sunday and a huge troop of family and friends came down to see and support her. The Hubster and I hosted a “little” lunch at our home afterward, and by the time everyone arrived we realized that we had 31 people in our little house. It was busy, but glorious. Ruby had all four of her grandparents there to spoil her, and they all took turns stealing her and hiding in various corners of my house to have a quiet snuggle.

(She is very snuggly. I love it.)

Things have settled a bit and I am loving our little home life. I finally feel like I’m beginning to get the hang of this whole motherhood thing, and I’m finding a bit of a balance between caring for Ruby and keeping my home in a socially acceptable state. My next goal is to reincorporate writing into that equation.

And date nights.

(Wanna babysit? She’s pretty cute…)

It’s a bit easier now that she’ll sleep on her own… right now she is curled up in her little blue bouncy chair next to me while I write. I can’t promise that it’ll be every day, but I am  hoping to ease back into a better writing schedule.

Once every 3 weeks just isn’t doing it for me.

But for now I see two very cute eyes looking at me and two very cute cheeks that need to be kissed.

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