Le Bebe*

33 Weeks*

How Far Along: 33 Weeks*
Size of Baby: A Pineapple
Weight Gain: 22 pounds

Movement: All. the. time. She loves to move, and thankfully she’s still small enough that it doesn’t bother me at all–in fact, I absolutely love it. There have been a few times when she has wiggled into my ribs and that has been a little uncomfortable, but as she moves so much she never stays in one place for long and usually settles back into a more comfortable position.

She’s had the hiccups a few more times since my last post, usually in the middle of the night. Now that I know what it is it’s much easier for me to ignore it and settle back to sleep if it wakes me up.

Lastly, today she did a move that made me laugh out loud–I was lying on my bed and it felt just like she did a ninja kick inside me. Picture the kind of kick someone would do if they jumped in the air and shouted “HI-YA!” as they did it. It felt just like that. haha

Cravings: I don’t know that I had any this week! Work has been so busy I haven’t really had time to even think about food. I just shoveled in whatever was close by.

Food Aversions: Again, too busy. I will eat whatever is easy and fast.

Symptoms: It’s getting a bit harder to sleep, but it has nothing to do with the changes to my body. I have to wait until I am absolutely exhausted before I try going to sleep or else my brain turns back on and I am up forever trying to fall asleep. It’s like I have a constant laundry list of things to do running through my head. Thank you, new job.

I’m noticing my heart burn is attacking at different times of day now. Before it was basically limited to right before I went to bed, but now I find it’s creeping up on me by noon. Thankfully it’s still easily deflected by eating some kind of dairy product or taking a Tums.

I have a hard time sitting in straight backed chairs these days. Actually, I have a hard time sitting in any one place for very long. My belly needs lots of space and prefers to recline. haha!

Belly Button Watch: Still an inny! YAY

Baby Prep: The Hubster is busy insulating our basement, so we are inching ever closer to being able to move the office down there! Aside from that, this holiday will be spent doing everything I can to get things ready. Once I go back to work I’m in full-on exam mode and I know there won’t be time.

Things Iā€™m Thinking About: I need this holiday. Words cannot express how excited I am to be able to have two weeks off to catch up. My house is a disaster, I’m years behind in my marking, and I feel so unprepared for the baby. I am thrilled to have a bit of time to catch my breath and get up to speed.

On that same note, Christmas is in TWO DAYS. How did this happen? Isn’t it like… December 3rd?

I’m running out of clothes that fit. Time to go thrifting? I think yes.

The Hubster loves me. A lot. I came home this week and found a new dishwasher in my living room, and it was installed and running beautifully after just a couple of minor hiccups. This may not sound like anything exciting, but in our 6.5 years of marriage, we have never had a dishwasher. I can now go to sleep at night and not feel guilty that we didn’t have time to do the dishes, as our lovely, lovely dishwasher is doing them for us. :)

My belly feels huge. Sometimes I almost forget that I’m pregnant and then I look down in utter disbelief. Our lovely little wee-bean is coming so soon. By the time I go back to work her due date will be less than a month away. Where has the time gone?

Lastly, we have the best down the street neighbours in the world. :)

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