Le Bebe*

30 Weeks*

How Far Along: 30 Weeks*
Size of Baby: A head of Cabbage
Weight Gain: 18.5 pounds

Movement: She definitely has a pattern with her movements, and I tend to feel her most first thing in the morning until around 10am, around dinner time, and then again just before I fall asleep. I feel her as she turns and shift positions during the day, but she kicks and dances most at those times.

Her kicks are also definitely getting stronger. Today at work she kicked so hard that I gasped out loud in surprise, and the students nearby looked at me and laughed.

Cravings: Nothing exciting this week, though I’m having a love affair with apples. And Cool Whip.

Food Aversions: Nope. I like food.

Symptoms: I’m having more trouble sleeping. I have no trouble getting comfortable (I was always a side sleeper) and am not sleeping with a mountain of pillows around me (yet). However, some days I will be so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open… until I turn out the light. Then my brain goes into hyper drive and I am wiiiiiide awake for another 30 – 60 minutes until I can finally pass out. I find that falling asleep with a movie on helps me prevent this as I’m too distracted to stay awake, but I would love to be able to crash as soon as I hit the pillow.

Heartburn. Tums are my friend.

I’m definitely using the washroom facilities more frequently, but it hasn’t completely cramped my lifestyle… yet. Work has still been okay, and I can still fall back to sleep immediately if I wake up during the night.

Lastly, I am often out of breath. If I go up 10 stairs it feels a bit like I’ve run 10km. I can definitely feel myself slowing down, and I have to get a bit of momentum going to make it up and down stairs or get in and out of the car.

Belly Button Watch: Still an inny, but it’s slowly disappearing.

Baby Prep: Oh, this part is exciting! On Saturday we had a “basement party”, which was really my desperate plea for some handy people to come and give the Hubster a hand working on the basement (where I am useless). My thoughtful brother Doodle drove down, and a few friends stopped by and we were able to make some amazing progress down there. It’s now 85% framed and foam insulated, and it’s beginning to take the shape of what it will look like once it’s finished. SO exciting!

As soon as we get the basement dry walled and the floor in, we can move the Hubster’s office downstairs and transform the old office into our nursery. I have already begun stocking the closet with our clothing bins, so it’s definitely underway. :)

Things I’m Thinking About: TEN WEEKS. Holy moly.

When do I put the car seat in the car?

Why are socks so difficult to put on?

Some of the maternity clothes I was wearing before no longer fit. *sigh*

My hair is growing like CRAZY. I don’t think it’s been this long since my first year of university.

I forget what it feels like not to have heartburn before I fall asleep.

This week I am not nervous about labour.

I have a midwife appointment on Thursday, where I’ll learn whether or not I passed my Glucose test. I don’t even want to think about not passing.

I’m tired.

The end.

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  • Faith

    If you hadn’t passed, you would DEFINITELY know by now, as they’d want you on insulin and controlling your diet ASAP. So they’d rush results to you so that you could book the second test. The fact that it’s been this long is a huge sign that all is fine, so don’t worry!

  • Date Girl

    oh I’m just so excited for you. Ten weeks will fly by! Wow, she’s already the size of a head of cabbage!

    The basement is coming along nicely. Nice job hubs and brobro!