Le Bebe*

26 Weeks* (And a Lady Bug Costume)

I may look a little different now, but I’m still my Hubster’s Lady Bug Girl. You can read the story about the Lady Bug Costume and how we met here. :)

How Far Along: 26 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Eggplant
Weight Gain: 16.5 pounds

Movement: I’m beginning to be able to discern what her movements are, and it’s such a cool/bizarre/amazing feeling. I can tell the difference from when she is turning from when she is kicking, and based of where she’s hitting with her feet I have a good idea of how she’s positioned inside me. She’s been a bit of a singing frog for the Hubster though–she’ll kick and kick but as soon as I grab his hand to come and feel it, she stops. As she gets bigger I know he’ll have plenty of opportunities to feel her move, but I want him to be able to share in this experience too. :)

Also, I can feel a bit of anxiety around her movements creeping in. Whenever I realize that I haven’t felt her move for a few hours I feel a bit anxious and hope she’s still okay in there. Then she gives me a little *poke* and I’m fine until the next paranoia-induced anxiety attack. haha

Cravings: I needed McDonalds yesterday. Seriously. Unfortunately it was Sunday and I try to avoid shopping or eating out on said day. *sigh* I remedied the situation today. Crisis averted.

Food Aversions: Nothing major that I can think of.

Symptoms: More heartburn, and today my back is hurting like no other. I’m also finding that I’m getting winded more easily than I used to. It’s taking a little more effort to get up stairs, and I can’t walk as quickly as I used to. Bending to get socks on or shoes done up is still a constant battle, but thankfully I haven’t swollen at all and all my lovely shoes still fit. WIN.

Baby Prep: My sister has been great and gave us two totes full of Pingo’s baby clothes in a variety of sizes. I love me some organization, so I spent a day organizing everything into piles by size, and I’m labeling bins to sort it all into. I have a vision for the wee-bean’s closet, and I’ll post a picture once it’s all finished!

Things I’m Thinking About: I need to tell my work soon. Obviously the schools I work in regularly know, as does my rep from OSSFT (Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation), but I haven’t given official notice with my board. As I’m just an occasional teacher I don’t have to give the same notice that a permanent teacher would, it’s just something that’s been on my mind and I’d like to get it over with!

The Crib. Still unsure what to do about this one. Our fabulous neighbours down the street have offered to loan us a crib, but it’s twenty years old. Everyone and their mother has been offering me advice about baby things, and the crib has been a hot topic. Help? haha

Lastly, I am just two weeks away from the third trimester. How did this happen?! I am so excited to meet our little wee-bean, but at the same time I feel like time is going by SO fast and I’ll never have everything ready in time. *sigh*

Well dears, it’s 9:26 and it’s past my bed time. I hope you’ve all the happiest of Halloweens!

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