Le Bebe*

22 Weeks*

How Far Along: 22 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Papaya
Weight Gain: 10 pounds
Movement: I think so! (More on this below)
Cravings: I’m craving textures, not specific things. For example, all afternoon I was dying for something crunchy. I didn’t care what it was, but it needed a good crisp to it. Dorritos fit the bill perfectly.
Food Aversions: Eggs. Ugh. Actually, I haven’t tried eating them in weeks… but the smell of them cooking makes me feel vomitous.
Symptoms: I had some heartburn flare up this week for the first time. It was really bad last weekend, but I’ve since learned that excessive amounts of garlic and tomatoes seem to aggravate it. If I go easy on those two things, I don’t feel it at all! Other than that, I had one night of really bad ligament pain and am still experiencing the fun of really weird, vivid dreams.

It was a week full of exciting appointments and baby happenings. The ultrasound technician wasn’t able to get clear images of the baby’s heart and face at my first ultrasound, so I had to go back for a follow-up last Thursday. Drinking all the water was terrible–although I started much later this time and didn’t have any trouble getting the images. Later start time = less time holding it in. Magic.

This little wee-bean dances like crazy! She would not stop moving throughout the ultrasound, and the technician had to keep poking at her to try and get her to hold still in one position in order to snap the photo. She’s already cute as a button, I can tell. :)

In case you’re like me and are a total newb at looking at these ultrasound photos, this is a side profile of her head and chest.

(Did you melt? I get a bit melty when I look at her. Love.)

And yes, though it’s never 100%, the tech I had last week also thought that the wee-bean is a she. So, we’re rolling with that for now!

I also had my monthly check-in with my doctor, and yesterday I met with the midwives for my first real appointment. I’d like to devote a whole post to this, so I’m not going to say much on the subject just yet, but just know that so far I’m glad I made this choice!

Other than that, everything seems to be right on track. I feel great, and according to my midwife I’m in the healthiest group of women and the baby is doing well.

And now for the important part: I’m pretty sure that I felt her move for the first time yesterday! I ended up having a long wait for my midwife appointment, which left me lots of sit and relax before I went in. While was was semi-reclined in one of the chairs, I felt a teeny *poke* on the lower right side of my abdomen.

I immediately focused intently on what I had felt, and sure enough, seconds later I felt another little *poke poke* in the same place. My mouth dropped open and for about two minutes she knocked on my belly as if to say,

“Helloooo, Mum! I’m in here, okay? Tell these midwives to hurry up!”

It was the coolest and most intimate sensation I have ever felt. People told me if might feel like flutterings or butterflies, but the closest description I found was like a little bubble popping inside you.

Only much, much cuter.

I didn’t feel it again last night, though I’m pretty sure I just felt her poke right this minute. It’s still a bit hard to tell, but I am so excited that it’s finally beginning!

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  • Faith McCrady

    The little poke is exactly what I felt!!  Well..  to start with anyway.. and then towards the end it was more like full on UFC grappling and body slams :)  So exciting!