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Pink or Blue?

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I had my first ultrasound yesterday.

I know I promised to post the results of said ultrasound last night, but we weren’t able to reach some of our family members until close to 10pm, and then… I was tired. It was a bit of an emotional day. :)

I ended up getting a call to work a full day yesterday at a school I don’t normally go to. Luckily, the last class finished at 2:20pm so I thought it would leave me plenty of time to drive from the school and be at my appointment for 3.

Yeah, right.

I spent my last class out in a portable downing two bottles of water. When the bell finally rang I realized that I hadn’t had time to leave notes for the teacher, so I took a minute to scribble something incoherent down before sprinting to the office.

Have you ever tried running when you have to pee like crazy? It’s REALLY fun.

So I was a bit late leaving the school, then traffic TO the highway was insane, traffic ON the highway was insane, and the clinic was under construction and I couldn’t find the entrance or where to park.

I was late, flustered and uncomfortable, but I arrived at 3:05pm before I was whisked into a changing room. I could tell that my ultrasound technician was not pleased that I was late–I was clearly her last client of the day–but I immediately turned on the charm and apologized like crazy and by the end of the appointment we were besties.

She took me in the room alone for almost 40 minutes while she took photos and showed me the baby… my baby. I don’t even have words to describe the experience… when I saw that little thumb reach up and go into its mouth I may or may not have cried a little.

I admit nothing.

I saw fingers and toes, a heart and a face, and it was just the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I apparently was in the room for 40 minutes before she called in the Hubster, but I swear it was only five.

When he finally came in we both stared in awe at the screen as she showed us the heartbeat and prodded the baby a little to make it dance. It waved and kicked it’s little legs–though I learned that my placenta is on the front so I likely won’t feel any movements for another few weeks yet.

Finally the tech turned and asked us if we wanted to know the gender. We both answered with a resounding yes, and even though it’s not 100% as our baby was a little modest, the technician was fairly confident that she was going…


My little wee-bean is (most likely) a she-bean, and it looks like we’ll be having a little girl in February. :)

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