Le Bebe*

On Growing Lemons*

Hi dears. :)

I know I’ve been a little absent of late. I traveled to the Great White North and promised to write every day…

…and then read all seven Harry Potter books in three weeks instead.

(I’m not an addict, I just like to finish a series once I start. More on this soon.)

Things have also been a little busy around here. The Hubster is still hard at work building our beautiful new deck. He had a glorious reunion weekend with some high school friends, then his Dad came out for an unexpected visit. I’ve been reading Harry Potter night and day, and I am growing some beautiful green beans.

And some lemons.

Well, one lemon, actually.

(via: http://makara.biz/images/lemon.jpg)

That’s right lovelies…


I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant, and my little belly is becoming less little every passing day!  I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent from my blog, but this wee one has been occupying all our thoughts of late and I was sure that if I started writing again that I’d spill the beans, which I just wasn’t read to do.

I’ll explain that further soon.

But other than feeling tired, I feel good and we are so excited to welcome this kid into the world in February!

I promise to post with more details soon–we had an amazing experience today that I need to share–I’m just wiped and need to go to bed. (Pregnancy makes me want to sleep. Always.)

Talk soon, lovelies!

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