Six Months + Six Dresses*

Six Months + Six Dresses (3)

So.. the first Thursday of the month obviously didn’t happen.

…or the second, or the third for that matter.

But I’m here now! YAY! YAY!

And actually, this isn’t even the dress that I originally planned to debut this month. I just happened to find it at Value Village’s half price day earlier this week and fell in love with it.

So, it became my dress for May. YAY MAY!


Like I said, I finally found some time to go thrift shopping this week. I wasn’t even planning to look through the dresses as the line ups for the fitting rooms are always crazy long on half price days, but I figured I may as well just look while I’m there.

Then I saw the dress.

I love button up dresses. A million years ago I used to have a black button up dress, and I’m actually not sure what happened to it. It disappeared somewhere along the way and I’ve always wanted to replace it.

So, when I saw a knee-length black Banana Republic dress in my size for $11, I was so excited.

I waited in line forever to try it on, and when it fit perfectly I knew it was meant to be!

…then I remembered that it was half price day and it would only end up costing me $5.50. Isn’t that magical? So, without any further ado, here is Dress #3!

Dress – $5.50 @ Value Village
Shoes – $9 @ Value Village

I’m sorry that the picture isn’t the greatest, we snapped it while we at church today! It’s the most comfortable dress in the world–I could easily wear this to work all day and be perfectly fine.

I know it’s maybe not the most exciting dress in the world, but it’s perfect for me. :)

See you in two weeks for Dress #4!

Dress #1 (March)
Dress #2 (April)

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