Summer of Dresses*

A Summer of Dresses: Julie Bee*

Hello lovelies!!

I know my blogging has been a bit hodge podge lately, especially with my thrifting adventures. I promise to debut dress #3 before the week is out, and today I’m SO excited to continue my Summer of Dresses project with the fabulous Julie Bee!



Hi everyone!! I’m Julie Bee from 101 Things in 1001 Days. I was totally pumped when Shop Girl asked me to be a guest blogger for her Summer of Dresses project. I immediately ran down to my closet and showed her all of the possible dresses that could be on her blog. Being close to 19 years old myself, I a few years ago I realized that I only owned 2 dresses… This. Was. An. Issue. I have church every Sunday and then many other activities that I have to wear semi-formal attire to. And I had next to nothing! Since then, I’ve been establishing quite the dress wardrobe. On my blog, I have a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days and one of them includes finding discount jeans. That is where my wardrobe lacks, in jeans… not in dresses.

I, unlike Shop Girl, am not so diligent at being thrifty. I usually buy dresses ranging from $30-$60, but after reading many of Shop Girl’s Thrifty Thursday posts, I decided to look past the strange ‘old lady’ smell of some of the thrift stores, and go for a look. My best friend, Brittany, brought me to Value Village one day when I was feeling particularly broke. I was laughing at most of the ridiculous dresses that were in the section, until I came across this one…

It is PURPLE. One of my favourite colours! With blue! My other favourite colour! It was absolutely fabulous. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t be more in love and then, I found them…

The pockets.

I have a serious love for dresses with pockets. Why? Because it’s so awkward when you’re at an event and you want to leave your purse at your table or with your coat. But you want to bring your camera out onto the dance floor with you. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR POCKETS! Unfortunately, most dresses and skirts don’t have them, so whenever I find dresses with pockets, I must have them. I also needed something fun like this to wear to the weddings I have to attend this summer (but I’m sure I’ll go looking for something new if I get the chance…)

I wear this dress with a plain white tee underneath, for modesty and warmth. I then pair it with some white flats that my sister gave me! It’s such a fun outfit fun and I totally love it!

Now I’m sure this whole post you’ve been wondering how much I payed for this beauty..

8 dollars.

8 dollars?!


I was feeling broke that day, but I couldn’t leave it behind for 8 dollars! I was expecting it to be at least $15. I’ve only had this dress for a few months, but the memories that I currently have include my trip to Utah with my family, where the first photo was taken. I’ve worn it a few times now and I’m looking forward to making many memories with this dress.

If you want to learn more about my trip to Utah or my 101 list, feel free to take a peak at my blog!


A Summer of Dresses: The Ladies*

Julie Bee*

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