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My Secret Garden*

My hands are blistered and my back is sore… but I have a garden!!!

Well, sort of.

I have a beautiful pile of soil ready for planting.

The Hubster and I had a lazy sleep-in morning, then after puttering around the house for a bit we kicked into high gear. He went out to do some work at the back of the house, and after finishing up the dishes I decided to visit.

We strolled around the disaster area that is our current back yard and dreamed about decks, patio stones and a fence that isn’t crooked. Our fence door isn’t quite high enough off the ground and gets stuck every time we try to open it. As we strolled around in the sunshine, I decided to grab a shovel to try and dig out under the door so it would open further. Sadly, all we had was an old snow shovel, so the Hubster went to ask our neighbours for tools. He came back with all kinds of garden magic, so I thought I’d pick a little at the jungle that was our “front garden”.

…that translated into tearing out the whole thing.

We spent three hours digging, raking and ripping out the plants and weeds and I’m proud to say that it looks so much better! While I was digging out the weeds I came across so many big, beautiful rocks that I actually found enough to line my whole front garden!

Well, right now it’s just my front soil, but soon there will be a magical flowers!

Just you wait, I’ll have a green thumb yet!

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