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When I got home from visiting with the fam, there was a message from my doctor waiting for me on my answering machine.

No details, just brief message asking me to call the office when I got a chance.

I was curious all weekend, even though I knew the message would most likely be something less than good.

I mean, really now–how often do doctors call you after an appointment just to tell you how awesome and amazingly healthy you are?

When I finally got a hold of her today, I learned that the results from my blood work were in. She was a bit concerned as I have low iron and low liver enzymes, so after giving me a list of foods I have to work into my diet more frequently, she asked me to start taking an iron supplement.

Let me tell you a little secret: I am terrified of taking pills. More specifically, I am terrified of choking while taking pills. I can take tiny little ones, but I even break up my Tylenol on the rare occasions that I take it.

However, I decided to be a grown-up and went tonight to get the supplement she suggested. I have to take it daily before I go to sleep, and thankfully it’s not enormous. I think I’ll just have to have the Hubster hold my hand and coach me through taking it.

(Does anyone have any tricks for making this easier?)

Besides taking the new supplement and beginning an iron-rich high fibre diet, she’d like me to come back in and do some more tests in a few weeks.


I’m grateful that she’s being so thorough–I really haven’t had a real check-up in a long time–but I was really kind of sort of hoping that I could stick to my one visit per year schedule. Apparently my body has had a rough year… first the glaucoma scare, and now all this business.

Bah humbug. Getting old sucks.


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  • Lacey

    I have the same problem with pills; actually had a choking experience once which wasn’t pleasant. I take a liquid iron supplement…could you maybe try a liquid too?

  • Carolyn

    Try tipping your chin down instead of up while swallowing … it actually opens it up more (at least in my experience), can make it a bit easier sometimes. I didn’t learn how to swallow pills until I was 13 or so!

  • Mummy Maggie

    I’d be more worried about the effects of too much iron. Watch that, and drink more water and eat more fiber-rich foods. I hope it goes well for you and your levels even out soon.

  • Shop Girl*

    Yeah, I’ve been reading even since I talked to her. I’m going to try these supplements and see how they go, and I went grocery shopping tonight and bought some foods that are rich in fibre to ease into my diet. We’ll see how it goes!

  • Miss Gentle Nudge*

    When most people take pills they put the pill in their mouth 1st and then drink the water in order to swallow it. I on the other hand do the opposite, I get a gulp of water first then put the pill in, and no it doesn’t spill out!

    If you have a fear try this method because that way you don’t feel the pill in your mouth while you’re waiting for the water to drink it down. The less you feel it the easier it’ll be :)

    Try it and let me know!

  • Red

    When I’m on iron supplements (happens on and off for me) I have SO much more energy. hahaha Just sayin’! But I’m usually borderline anemic so it makes a big difference having the supplemental diet help. :)

  • Kimreid5464

    Hey Heidi
    I have very iron poor blood too:P but the liquid organic iron(Floradix) is a good alternative. It doesn’t cause constipation like fabricated iron pills do. Your body will indeed absorb most of it because it is in liquid form and naturally derived from fruits and veggies.
    Good luck!
    you are not getting old… stop talking like that or you will.

  • Date Girl

    If I have to take big pills sometimes I put them in food so it’s easier to take. My mom used to chop up my pills and put them in applesauce. It always helped. :-) Glad it’s something that can be easily fixed with healthy foods. You had me scared for a minute there!!

  • Olivia

    I think it’s easier if you don’t cut them up because they’re shaped so that they slide down more easily. Just take a BIG gulp of water with the pill in your mouth and try to pretend you’re just drinking the water. You won’t even feel it. I use to be terrified as well…I took chewable stuff until I was a teenager haha