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When the nurse came in to give me my shot yesterday, she asked me if I was right or left handed, so that she wouldn’t “poke” me in my dominant arm. I replied that I was a righty without thinking much about it, so she gave me the needle in my left arm. Shortly after when I was taken to the lab to get blood work done, without thinking, I offered the same arm.

But as I got into my car afterward and started the drive home, my driving arm was sore and quite heavy. I looked down and realized that I drive with my left hand. I use my right to turn corners and whatnot, but I almost always drive just with my left hand.

The Hubster and I have had this discussion before, as he can’t quite figure out how I do things. For example…

I write with my right hand.

…but I’m left handed in hockey.

I hold a baseball bat to my left.

…but I catch with my right.

I eat with my right hand.

…but I drive with my left.

I hold my purse in my left hand, or wear it on my left arm.

…and I use both hands to apply my make-up, depending on what I’m putting on.

I know that I’m “right handed”, but when I think about it, I’m also pretty comfortable using my left for a lot of things that I do on a daily basis. The Hubster is a righty for almost everything, and has been surprised on more than one occasion when I go to use my left hand / side for something he expects me to do with my right.

Seriously–have you ever thought about it? Think about the small tasks you do on a daily basis… are you complete righty or lefty? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

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  • Date Girl

    Looking at the right and left brain way of thinking I definitely lean more towards the left hemisphere. I am such a list maker. I’m left handed, but I do like to switch things up and use my right for things. I try to mix it up just so I’m well balanced.

  • Red

    WEIRD! I’m right handed but play hockey with the left, too! I thought I was the only one! hahaha I bat over my right shoulder, though… But I definitely drive left handed – right hand is for the gearshift when necessary, making it an obsolte accessory in an automatic :-)

  • Karen Peterson

    I’m left-handed with fine motor skills like writing, eating, and brushing my teeth. I’m right-handed with larger motor skills and pretty much all sports. But I’m ambidextrous when it comes to playing pool. Which comes in REALLY handy.

    And that all makes sense because every “Which Side of Your Brain Do You Use?” test I’ve ever taken has said I use both sides equally.

  • Janet

    I’m right handed, but I mostly drive with my left hand too. And I’m actually stronger with my left arm and hand than with my right.