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Today I had my first real appointment with my new doctor.

I arrived on time, and was whisked into an exam room immediately. A funny, quirky nurse began my physical by asking me a million questions while taking my blood pressure, heart rate and all that fun stuff. I could tell she was cracking jokes to try and ease my nerves, but until I know I’m on my way out of a doctor’s office I’m always a stress case.

She left me with a gown to change into, then I hopped up onto the table / bed to wait for my doctor.

The waiting is always the worst part. I always convince myself that it’s going to be the longest, worst experience of my life. I could be productive and spend those few minutes calming myself down, trying to tell myself that it’ll be over in a jiffy–you know, the adult response to the situation.


By the time she came in I had basically convinced myself that I was going to die on the table. (Yes, I’m still five years old.) My experience last year was rather… unpleasant… for me, I assumed this year would be worse. Naturally.


When my doctor came in and began to speak with me, my nerves melted almost immediately. She was professional, friendly, fast, and thorough. She understood that I was nervous / uncomfortable and didn’t try and small talk me through the exam. She just coached me when to breathe and quickly did her job.

The experience was worlds better than last year. Having a female doctor is definitely a must for me, as is just having her alone in the room with me. Last year I saw a male doctor, so there was a female nurse present in the room as he did my exam, and that was just way too many people for… you know.


After she wrapped up my exam, she recommended that I have my tetanus shot as it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had one. So, she slipped out so that I could change, and after another less-stressful wait, the quirky nurse returned to give me my shot.

Sadly, all I got afterward was a band aid. What happened to the suckers? *sigh*

From there it was down to the lab to have some blood work done. Luckily I got in right away and didn’t have to wait, and there was lovely pattern on the wall for me to stare at so I didn’t have to watch the women stick a needle in my arm and fill four vials of blood.

When all was said and done, it was nearly a two hour visit–but I was impressed. I quite like my new doctor, and I think that these exams will be less stressful as I am now able to return to the same (female) doctor year after year.

But really, I’m just glad that it’s done. I have 364 days until I start stressing about my next visit.


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  • Faith McCrady Pinto

    I have a male family doctor who does… you know… but he doesn’t bring a nurse into the room – he just gets it done. If I felt uncomfortable at all I would ask for a nurse, but I kind of appreciate the privacy, and he’s nothing but professional and businesslike about the whole thing, so I’m not skeeved. And he’s actually better at it than my midwife was.. hoo boy, that’s a story.

  • Alma

    I LOVE our doctor, too. She’s a family doctor, and my primary care for everything, which means that she gets to take care of my pregnancy AND take care of my children and husband. So nice! Also? It means a LOT to me that the person helping me through pregnancy has had 6 children herself. I would rather not deal with someone who doesn’t even HAVE the parts that are involved in this process.

  • Karen Peterson

    Ugh. Thanks for reminding me that I’m overdue. :-|

    I don’t really mind it, but there are a lot of other things I’d much rather be doing.

    So glad you made it through and didn’t die!