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In my family, whenever we’re sick, low in spirit or even just pensive, we say we’re feeling “small”.

…I’m feeling a bit small tonight.

I don’t know where it’s coming from–I haven’t had a terrible day by any stretch of the imagination. I got some things done around the house this morning and had an easy, easy afternoon at work. I did manage to completely gap on dinner and forget the put-the-food-in-the-slow-cooker portion of my planned slow-cooker meal, but c’est la vie.

I just feel… unsettled. I know that part of it is stress–I think I’m being evaluated tomorrow. I was booked for my day tomorrow more than two weeks ago, and that’s really uncommon. I usually get a call the morning of or the night before, if I’m really lucky I might hear two days in advance.

Two weeks? Never.

I’ve heard rumblings that evaluations are happening now, and they don’t give you any advance warning. You just show up at the school and find out that day that a Principal or VP will be sitting in on a class, evaluating your performance. I loathe evaluations. I’m not someone who thrives under pressure, and I tend to get all awkward when I know someone is watching how I work. (I know–why did I choose teaching as a profession?! haha)

I’m not “nervous” per say, but the fact that it’s at a school that I rarely go to leaves me a bit… unsettled. I don’t know the kids, or the school policies, and with my luck I’ll have a horrible class and there will be a lock down drill.

In my heart I know it will be fine–I tend to get worked up about these things–I’m just… unsettled.

(Of course, now I’ll probably get to the school and find out that it was just some teacher who was really on the ball with booking time off and I won’t even be evaluated tomorrow. ha)

I also got a bit of news tonight that unnerved me a little… and combine all this with the fact that I’m overtired and I’m a big ball of… small.

In other, bigger news, I’m in the midst of creating a “cast” page with photos and names of all the regulars who appear on my blog. I know it can be confusing trying to keep up with who’s who, so it’ll be a page to refer to when you have absolutely no idea who someone is and I’m referring to them like I talk about them all the time.

Fun? I thought so.

Well lovelies, I’m off to catch up on the Bachelor and head ot bed early. I hope your day was “bigger” than mine!

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  • Jamielynn Nault

    I hope you have a “bigger” day tomorrow…have a great night and thanks for another post, even though its not for me I love to read your blog!