30 Day Challenge*

30 Day Challenge – Day 1*

Every so often, a new facebook meme starts up and 75% of the people on my personal list start following whatever it is. So my news feeds is inundated with notes, photos and status updates fulfilling whatever the new meme has demanded of us.

I’ve resisted for the most part. I ignored all the breast cancer status update gimics. No one on my list knows what color of bra I’m wearing or where I put my purse. I also ignored the doppleganger photo thing.

And, until now, I’ve ignored the 30 Day Facebook Challenge. It was all the rage a little while ago, and it was actually kind of neat to learn some new things about people I’ve known for ages. So, I’ve decided to do it, but I’m going to do it here instead of Facebook. I have the full list, and rather than do one every day, I’m going to spread it out over the next few weeks.

30 Day Challenge #1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts*

Just Me.

1) I have a “Brady Bunch” family that I love. Three boys & three girls. I’m the fourth child, though I’ve never really thought of myself as the quintessential “middle child”.

2) I’m pretty sure that I have some sort of an anxiety disorder.

3) I have never owned a passport (though I hope to change that soon!).

4) I love teaching, but my ultimate career goal is to be an author.

5) I am a people-pleaser and I almost always put the needs / wants of others ahead of my own.

6) I feel like I’ve taken on too much between work, school and church but I’m not sure how to balance my life. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I make myself sick.

7) I am never satisfied with my hair and I change it constantly.

8) Torn by Natalie Imbruglia is my favourite song in the entire world. I never ever get sick of it.

9) I think that I am an even mix between my mom and dad. I can never decide who I am more like.

10) I’m turning 26 in five months and it terrifies me.


So, there you have it. By the end of this you’ll all know me so well we can all be besties! WOO!

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  • Date Girl

    Oh that is a fun little challenge. I would love to be an author too, and I definitely get anxious when I’m too stressed. We are just two peas Miss. :-) I love that you’re from a brady bunch family. I bet that made childhood entertaining!