Strike A Pose*

(via: http://clubglee.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/jane-lynch-glee_l.jpg)

I have a confession: Sue Sylvester rocks my world.

If you are not yet watching Glee, oh… YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING! I’m convinced it’s the best show on TV right now, especially after my beloved Ugly Betty gave it’s last performance last week. *tear

Anyway. I could rave and rave about how glorious Glee is, or I could just let you see for yourself. This week was a tribute to Madonna, and my favourite character did an AMAZING remake of her Vogue video in the episode. I thought it was pretty close when I watched the show, but when I found this video playing the two side by side I was utterly amazed.

Watch and love.

Seriously. Get on the Glee train.

We all need a little more Glee in our lives. ;)

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  • Karen

    I do really love Glee, but I'm not loving this half of the season. The Vogue video is freaking awesome, of course, but the rest of the episode was just okay, I thought. And I think I figured out why I'm not that excited about it. It seems like the first half of the season was all about the characters and the story, and the music was selected to go along with that. These last two episodes have felt the opposite. They chose the music they wanted and then tried to make the storyline fit.

    I really hope it's just a fleeting little issue that works itself out by the time Neil Patrick Harris shows up!

  • cammyclassroomconfessions

    Soooo… I JUST realized that your blog hasn't been updating in my google reader and I have missed a bunch of posts =(
    Well, I am here now!
    I have never seen Glee because this semester has been crazy for me, but I plan on catching up over the summer. Glee and Lost are gonna be my summer entertainment.