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The Pink Glove Dance*


I love dancing.

There is just something about dance that speaks to me, and I’ve always wished that it had been something I had pursued as a child. I’m not a terribly fabulous dancer, but I’m no Elaine either. (How does she even do that with her foot?!?! LOVE.)

I have always, always loved watching dance–live or on TV. So You Think You Can Dance is preeeetty much my favorite thing ever in the summer, and I have even been known to tune into ballroom dance competitions when I can find them. And, of course, I heart le Youtube for all it’s dancing glory.

It’s through Youtube that I’ve discovered the Evolution of Dance, the miniture stud-man that is Archie, mob flash dancing, and most recently–the Pink Glove Dance.

I like things that warm my heart and maybe me want to get out of my chair and join in. This video was filmed in Oregon, and I can only hope that I someday get to work with people as cool as this:


P.s. Don’t you kinda just want to hug / marry the janitor after watching that? I heart him. Greatly.

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